Detoxification And Beauty Essential Oil

  • Detoxification, inflammation
  • Promote cell metabolism, blood circulation
  • Refreshing, fair complexion
  • Increase cellular pay, lock water capacity
  • Increase or allergic with the resistance of skin defense capabilities

Detoxification And Beauty Essential Oil

Ingredients: chamomile, lavender, myrrh, orange blossom, rosewood, natural plant.


Efficacy: This product has detoxification, inflammation, promote cell metabolism, blood circulation, blood flow to the face, refreshing, fair complexion. In addition, increase cellular pay, lock water capacity, is able to increase lymphatic drainage. Moreover, increase or allergic to the resistance of skin defense capabilities.


Usage :

1. Firstly, in the trickle-down drop of Chamomile essential oil facial cleanser for skin cleaning.

2. Then, pat on the lavender Hydrosol Toner.

3. In addition, this product is 3-5 take three drops on your palm, directly applied to the face evenly smear.

4. Moreover, with both hands, the middle and ring fingers pulp a clockwise circular motion starting from the forehead. Massage the entire for 5-10 minutes until all the absorption of essential oils can be completed.

5. Finally, as the previous steps are completed, Collagen Mask better affixed Rose)

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