Dispel Dampness Essential Oil

  • Clearing heat and detoxification
  • Eliminate dampness and remove the heat of the fire
  • Excrete the exhaust gas, and get your blood flowing
  • Improve constipation

Dispel Dampness Essential Oil

Ingredients : grapefruit, mint, patchchouli


Efficiency: heat and detoxification, dehumidifying cured fire, gas discharge cell, so that blood flow, for constipation, was declared valid.  Scrapping for the back.



1.Clean finished the back skin, let another person take the goods back, and 6-10 ml apply a little massage even a moment, so that the back skin

2. After heating, using a wooden comb scrapping plate or home scrapping down the spine from the next two of Blader Meridian, scapula, and ribs can go out of the fever. The body will be relaxed feeling.


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