Gastrointestinal Containing Oil

  • Relieve the syndrome of bloating, gastric acid and stomachache
  • Improve constipation, diarrhea, enhance your digestive system
  • Prevent enteritis and intestinal parasite, clean up body waste

Gastrointestinal Containing Oil

Ingredients: grapefruit, nutmeg, lavender


Efficiency: to ease bloating caused due to indigestion, stomach acid, stomach pain and other symptoms of stomach discomfort, rapid improvement of constipation, diarrhea, symptoms, and strengthen the digestive system, absorbing, anti-enteritis, to prevent in the intestinal parasite, get rid of waste, hoarding, enhance abdominal muscle flexibility.


Usage: Beauty salons in general symptoms to three millimeters of this product with the stomach and maintenance of professional massage technique.


Home usage: take the product after bathing in a small clockwise gentle abdominal massage can be 5-10 minutes to absorb. Massage a cup of warm water discharge toxins.


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