Insomnia Oil

  • Improve sleep difficulties, light sleep, half sleep, wake up early, woke up could not sleep, dreaminess, awakened by nightmares, feel tired and insensitive after sleep

Insomnia Essential Oil

Insomnia Essential Oil Ingredients:lavender, sandalwood, wormwood, jojoba oil


Efficiency: Effectively improve the difficulty of falling asleep, light sleep, half sleep, early awakening. Moreover, cannot fall asleep after waking, many dreams. Are often awakened by nightmares. woke up tired after the weak, unresponsive and other symptoms.


Usage: Every light before going to sleep, take 4-6 drops of this product directly to smear on the head, temple, eyebrow point, ear area. Or use cotton balls drop 1-2 drops, put the pillow inside.


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