Menstrual Disorders Oil

  • Ease omen menstrual cycle, irritability, sensitive, bulimia, absent-minded
  • Effectively relieve lumbar acid before Lunaria
  • Be effective in dysmenorrhea and scanty menstruation
  • Greatly improve weak and tired after Lunaria.

Menstrual Disorders Oil

Ingredients: lavender ,geranium, rosewood


EfficiencyImprovement of women’s cycle of anxiety, irritability, sensitive, bulimia, attention is not focused. Effectively alleviate premenstrual waist acid for dysmenorrhea, menstrual less. Have a good effect, as well as menstruation after the whole body weakness, have a very good improvement in results.



Deep cleansing abdominal skin after moisturizing with body lotion, and then take 1-3 ml of this product. It is available from a push-down position for 10 minutes. Massage ovaries in order to accelerate blood circulation in the area. Finally wrapped in the plastic film to help you tighten the skin for absorbed totally. After 10 minutes you can remove the plastic film and wipe it clean.


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