QBEKA Active Peptide Plant Facial Silk Mask

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QBEKA Active Peptide Plant Facial Silk Mask

Ingredients:deionized water,1-3 butanediol,methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, glycerol,aloe,rose hydrosol extracts,aloe,hamamelis extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose , hydrolyzed collagen,hexapeptide-9


Efficacy: Contain vegetal active peptides, replenish natural activating energy into the skin, nourish and moisturize skin. Moreover, assist to firm wrinkles and fine lines, prevent dropping, smoothen skin, restore firmness and tension, and make skin tender, smooth, moist and firm, and highlight the dimensional contour of young skin.


Facial Masks Usage:

1. Firstly, after skin cleansing, take out the mask from the bag

2. Then, apply the mask on the face, gently press the mask to make it perfectly attach the skin

3. Keep it on the skin for 15-20min, or keep it longer on skin according to the skin property

4. Lastly, remove the mask, wash free, gently massage the skin to absorb the remained essence.QBEKA Active Peptide Plant Facial Silk Maskface mask brandsfacial mask collagen

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