Copper Peptide Tendering Serum

  • Contain concentrated and fresh moisturizing factor
  • Highlight beautiful skin
  • Original peptide energy extract 
  • Superior active peptide

QBEKA Copper Peptide Tendering Serum

Copper Peptide Tendering Serum Ingredients: deionized water, hyaluronic acid, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Copper Tripeptide – 1

With the infinite desire to beauty soil and eternal legend, with 6 years of research. QBEKA has found the rejuvenating key for ladies from the active cells of rares plants, high mountain, deep sea, and forest. So combine advanced cosmetology technology, hydrate, synthesize and refine the active growth factory of the organisms to produce the precise protein segment.  It is the small molecule polypeptide for adjusting cells regeneration and fighting aging. And can open the energy value to moisturize and repair skin. Moreover, provide the superior and deluxe regeneration for the skin. Then, achieve the astonished effect of boosting luster and vigor for skin……


Efficacy: Contain concentrated copper peptide, assist to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin. Moreover, improve the water-reserving ability, reduce dey and fine lines, relieve dry, drooper and aging skin. So make skin moist, tender, smooth and beautiful.

Usage: After skin cleansing and toning, apply 3-5 drops of serum on the face. Then, gently massage skin with finger pulp till absorbed, and then start successive treatment, or use it as a foundation before mask to enhance the effect.copper peptide serum benefits best copper peptide serum for acne scars

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