Skin Treatment Serum Set

  • Special formula is from boss biological laboratory
  • 100% plant essence
  • Permeate in the twinkling of an eye
  • 24 hours whole way service

Skin Treatment Serum Set

1.Eye Elasticity Serum+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum

2.Synthetic Peptide Serum+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum

3.Protein Peptide Serum+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum

4.Efficient Whitening Serum+ Collagen Serum


Quantity details in each set:

Hyaluronic Acid Serum: 3 pcs

Eye Elasticity Serum: 1 pc

Synthetic Peptide Serum: 1 pc

Protein Peptide Serum: 2 pcs

Collagen Serum: 1pc

Efficient Whitening Serum: 1pc


1Hyaluronic Acid Serum—-3pcs in one set:

Best Moisturizing, Super Moisturizing

Main ingredient: deionized water, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract.

Product effect: Have efficient moisturizing ability, lock moisture, can keep skin wet long time. Then, promote hyaluronic acid quantity, improve aggregation force between inner cutin, make skin smooth, balanced and shiny.


2. Eye Elasticity Serum—-1pc in one set:

Eliminate dark circles, eye edema, small wrinkles, dry wrinkles and eye bags

Ingredients: deionized water, collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, VC acne treatment, Saussurea involucrata extract essence, vitamin A.

Product effect:

Eliminate dark circles, eye edema, small wrinkles, dry wrinkles and eye bags.

To solve the problems of dark circle around the eyes, small wrinkles and eye bags. It contains various of eye skin care plant essence. So can deeply restrain melanin excessive generation, smoothen and firm skin. Moreover, whitening and moisturizing, eliminate dark circles, smoothed eye wrinkles and dry wrinkles. In addition, prevent dropsy and pros are to improve eye skin aging. Thus, make eye skin smooth, firm and white.


3. Synthetic Peptide Serum—-1pc in one set:

Main ingredient: synthetic snake venom serum, hyaluronic acid

Form: transparent serum.

Features: Easily remove; Good smells; Light skin-touch


Firstly, remove wrinkles, tighten skin to make skin tender and smooth!

Secondly, reduce wrinkles effectively, regain young skin for you!

Finally, remove 50% wrinkles only by 7 days, efficiently anti-aging!

Beauty Efficacy:

Firstly, activation: immune globulin, vitamin, and aging cells have the functions of repairing skin and shrink pores.

Then, regeneration: Restart regenerate collagen and elastin to recover elastic and regain youth.


4. Protein Peptide Serum—-2pcs in one set:

1pc 10ml protein peptide serum ≥ 5pcs skin essence

Ingredients: protein peptide, collagen, deionized water, allantoin, vitamin C,

vitamin B5

Solve four different skin problems:

Dry skin: Efficiently supply water to moisturize skin deeply. Protein-peptide serum supplies a lot of water to the skin at once. So skin absorbs water without any sticky feeling and prevents water loss. Then, let skin full of moisture.

Damaged sensitive skin: Good care for sensitive skin to strengthen the skin barrier.

Ageing skin: Smooth wrinkles to restore youthful skin. Allantoin and adenosine, which effectively improve dark and speckled skin.

Acne scars skin: Full of natural vitamins, repairing acne scars and enhance elasticity. Protein-peptide serum contains the natural vitamin. So it can kill bacteria and supply water to the skin, meanwhile repair acne scars.


Firstly, repair acne and blemishes, improve dark and uneven skin

Secondly, remove skin wrinkles, restore skin elasticity

Then, improve rough skin to smooth and light skin

In addition, supply skin nutrition, wakeup skin repairing energy


5. Collagen Serum—-1pc in one set:

Firming Skin, Strengthen Elasticity

Ingredients: deionized water, collagen, amino acid moisturizer, active factor, plant amide, arbutin extract.

Benefits: Collagen is called “skin skeleton”, is the skin taut, be full of elasticity and the source of the skin. Then, promote the synthesis of collagen, quickly restore the elasticity of the skin fiber structure, enhance skin vitality, water retention.

Collagen Extract: Penetrates easily to replenish collagen and eliminate free radicals. Moreover, helps impart natural whiteness and deal with looseness and aging. Then, leaves skin smooth, exquisite and elastic.


6Efficient Whitening Serum—-1pc in one set:

Efficient whitening, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase

Ingredients: efficient whitening essence, hyaluronic acid, rose extract

Efficient Whitening is a kind of protease inhibitor. After entry into the dermis, it participates in collagen synthesis directly and breaks off the path of melanin production resulted from UV rays. Helps eliminate black spots, prevent and reduce pigmentation. Leaves skin white and pretty.

Firstly, a new concept whitening ingredient

Secondly, fundamentally suppress the growth of melanin, and reduce splash

Finally, moisturizing, resisting oxidation, promoting blood circulation and diminishing inflammation


This product contains a special hypodermis absorbent. So can rapidly and effectively whiten the skin and reduce speckles, with obvious and special effect to liver spots, also called butterfly rash. Then, the active and aromatic ingredients of rose it contains can suppress the activity of tyrosine by over 90%. And then prevent the formation of skin pigment, and suppress DPPH free radicals. Thus, have the efficient whitening effect.

Efficient Whitening can also rapidly suppress the activity of tyrosinase and melanocytes. Thus, suppress the functional chaos of epidermal cells at black spots. Then, suppress the melanin enhancing factor group. In addition, thoroughly cut off the channel for the formation of melanin due to ultraviolet irradiation.


Usage method: Apply some serum after cleaning skin in morning and evening, pat and massage until it is absorbed. Moreover, when using several serums, use another serum until the before one to be absorbed into the skin. Finally, use more a layer of moisturizing cream if the weather is dry.

Specification : 10ml / pc x 9pcs

Suitable for : any skin .

Storage: seal, shading, store in cool dry place. Due to this product contains active ingredients. using out as soon as possible after opening or fridge save.

Shelf life :

1.Shelf life is 3 years for closing,6 months for the opening.

2.Then, this serum is full of high purity and high unit. So, make sure to store in a cool place under 20℃ or in the refrigerator when opening it.

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9 x 10ml/pcs

Suitable for

any skin

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