OEM/ODM Ability

1. Factory Ability:
Our company is lined in doing cosmetics and skin care products about 25years, we provide OEM&ODM service, we have our own factory in Baiyun and company in Tianhe, Guangzhou.Welcome to visit.
2. OEM Design:
We have our own designer and formulator, we can finish all the productive process by ourself.
a. We can do the product & bottle& package as you want, the price is the same.
b. You can do your private product(with your own box and instruction)
c. Small OEM quantity like 1piece/50pcs/100pcs/200pcs/500pcs/1000pcs/10000pcs/100000pcs is available in a month ,any quantity is ok.

d. Order inside cream&serum in bulk is available
e. Blank bottle with inside serum/cream; Blank bottle with design sticker and inside serum/cream.
f. We can help you to do any that we don’t have in stock products, we have factory and formulator.

3. OEM Order Process:
a. Service One: Private Label Product
Confirm order -> arrange the deposit -> send the artwork for bottles and package -> make samples for approval -> whole order production -> arrange balance amount before shipment ->delivery

b. Service Two: Inside Material In Bulk(semi-finished cream/serum)
Confirm order -> arrange full payment -> arrange production -> package in the big containers(like 1-5kg/container) -> delivery
PS: We can provide what you need,no matter small or big quantity!

Serial No.

Client location

Product name

Order quantity

1 Sweden Eyelash growth liquid / serum 100,000pcs
2 Sweden Eyelash enhancer serum 400,000pcs
3 Sweden Eyelash growth enhancer (3ml, box packaged) 500,000 pcs
4 Sweden Eyelash growth liquid (5ml, box packaged) 500,000 pcs
5 Hong Kong Eyelash growth enhancer (6ml, packaged in a bright silver colored bottle) 200,000 pcs
6 Sweden Eyebrow growth liquid packaging bottle cap 100,000pcs
7 Germany Eyelash growth liquid / serum 400,000 pcs
8 Britain Eyelash growth liquid 100,000pcs
9 Britain Eyelash growth serum 100,000pcs
10 Sweden Eyelash growth serum 60,000pcs
11 The Philippines Eyelash growth liquid / serum 25,000pcs
12 Poland Eyelash growth liquid / serum 45,000pcs
13 America Facial mask cream (200ml) 100,000pcs
14 Australia Coconut oil massage cream (200ml) 15,000pcs
15 Turkey Sheet face mask (60g) 300,000pcs
16 Turkey Eye mask (10g) 150,000pcs
17 Russia Mascara 400,000pcs
18 Ghana Lip gloss 80,000pcs
19 Iran Skin care products (face cream, body lotion) 10,000pcs
20 America Skin care cream 550,000pcs
21 America Slimming cream 50000kg
22 Denmark Slimming cream 20000kg
23 Spain Slimming cream 5000kg
24 Britain Slimming cream 3000kg
25 America Sunscreen cream 50,000pcs
26 EU Sunscreen cream 100,000pcs
27 Cambodia Cleanser /  Sunscreen cream 20,000pcs
28 Pakistan Serum / Hair growth lotion 15,000pcs
29 Russia Eyelash growth serum 30,000pcs
30 Russia Eyelash eyeliner 300,000pcs
31 Germany serum 10,000pcs

4. Advantages:

Professional customer service Small order quantity is available
OEM and customized package are available Free sample is available
Shortest lead time Most competetive price
Professional shipment Various payments

OEM products customized(Click pic can see products)

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