QBEKA Organic Plant Whitening Moisturizing Essence

  • Organic formula
  • Moisturizing hydrating



QBEKA Organic Plant Whitening Moisturizing Essence

With sensor-based moisturizing ingredients, even in low humidity environments, it can fight against the drying effect and maintain skin’s moisture

Use rose as the theme of aroma, making every day caring process more comfortable.

Has passed skin sensitivity test (but not mean that all people will not have an allergic reaction).


Product Description :

With natural rose essence and strong permeability, it can help increase skin moisture, repair fatigue, dry and fragile skin, and enhance skin protection and self-healing capability. Against aging and lack of water, it can supplement moisturizing ingredients to prevent water loss.

1.Firstly,  multi-system whitening ingredients act on the transmission of melanin generation information, so to inhibit the melanin and freckle formation effectively.

2.Then, the special essence can accelerate skin regeneration from inside and erase the wrinkles and fine lines.

3.Moreover, cuticle organic ingredients activate healthy skin from within to cultivate the stratum corneum, improve stratum corneum’s moisturizing and barrier function.


Ingredients :

Refreshing and activating essence, rose essence, organic cuticle protein (glycerol compound, water-cover-type activity factor), multiple-system whitening ingredients (vitamins C, glucoside, cherry extract, rose hips oil, carotene, Rose flower extract), moisturizing ingredients (quaternary ammonium salt copolymer)


Usage :

Firstly, after applying the hydrosol, press pump twice to dispense the serum into the palm of a hand. Then smooth evenly over face, including skin around eyes.

Then, make the essence penetrate into the face more evenly and so to enhance the skin-moisturizing effect.


Attention :

1. Firstly, be careful when opening the cover at the first time.

2. In addition, Store in dark, cool place and keep away from sunlight and fire.

3.Then, keep out of reach of children.

4. Cover it well after use.

5. For containing whitening ingredients, the residue near the spray-head may turn yellow, but it does not affect the product quality.

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