Astaxanthin anti-aging Serum

  • Super vitamin E
  • Super anti-aging
  • Ease of absorption
  • Moisturizing whitening



Astaxanthin anti-aging Serum

Astaxanthin Serum Advantages: Oxidation resistance is vitamin E’s 1000 times, protect intracellular DNA chain from ultraviolet radiation and cells from oxidation reaction of damage. So it is the most satisfactory product so far in the world of the effect of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.



1.The most tenacious vitality on the earth – super VE

2.Completely substitute such antioxidants as natural vitamins E and β-renieratene.

3.Finally, moisturizing, whitening, ease of absorption, and stable



The antioxidative activity is equivalent to 1000 times of natural VE, 10 times of β-renieratene, 200 times of corporin, and 150 times of anthocyanin (OPC). The research proves that astaxanthin can effectively improve over 50% of the overall condition of the skin such as dryness, wetness, size of pores, elasticity, and fine lines.

In addition to reducing fine lines, astaxanthin can also improve the metabolism of skin and lock skin moisture. Moreover, the skin will become tender like baby skin, more elastic and moist.  Then, it will delay the aging of skin cells.


Ingredients: Astaxanthin, hyaluronic acid.

Suitable skin: suitable for any skin.

To Use: In the morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, apply this product on the face.

Specification: 10mlastaxanthin serum reviews diy astaxanthin serum anti wrinkle serum skin & face firming

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Suitable for

Any skin