Synthetic Peptide Serum

  • Remove wrinkles,tighten skin to make skin tender and smooth
  • Reduce wrinkles effectively, regain young skin for you
  • Remove 50% wrinkles only by 7 days, efficiently anti aging

Synthetic Peptide Serum

Anti Wrinkle Serum Main ingredient: synthetic snake venom serum, hyaluronic acid

Features: Easily remove; Good smells; Light skin-touch

Synthetic peptide can simulate the real snake venom’s permeate through skin nerve, it retrenches skin immediately to tighten and strengthen skin. It contains multienzyme toxic protein, polypeptide, hyaluronic acid, small molecule peptide and amino acid. Synthetic peptide serum: tripeptide, it’s the receptor antagonist of acetylcholine, cells will rejuvenize in very short time to improve wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid: it can moisturize skin to feel refreshing and elastic, it increases skin elasticity and flexibility to anti-aging.


Anti wrinkle serum Beauty Efficacy:

1.Firstly, activation– immune globulin, vitamin, and aging cells have the functions of repairing skin and shrink pores.

2.Secondly, regeneration– restart regenerate collagen and elastin to recover elastic and regain youth.


Anti Wrinkle Serum Efficacy:

1. Firstly, remove wrinkles, tighten skin to make skin tender and smooth!

2.Then, reduce wrinkles effectively, regain young skin for you!

3.Lastly, remove 50% wrinkles only by 7 days, efficiently anti-aging!peptide serum for skin peptide serum best peptide serum for face peptide serum benefits peptide serum with hyaluronic acid peptide serums skin care peptide serum before after


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