QBEKA Organic Plant Moisturizing Cleanser

  • Organic formula
  • Can cleanse the skin gently
  • Whitening  moisturizing

QBEKA Organic Plant Moisturizing Cleanser

Product Description :

The PH of this product is around 5.6, with fine and rich foam. It can exfoliate aged horniness and maintain moisture to make the skin fresh, radiant and relaxed after cleansing.

Containing plant keratin, it can completely remove excess sebum, skin impurities, and excess keratinocytes which lead to dull skin.

With fine and rich foam, it can cleanse the skin gently and maintain moisture.

Ease of flushing, no tension, tender and smooth, it makes the skincare more easily absorbed.

Use the rose as the theme of aroma, making care process more comfortable.

Has passed skin sensitivity test (but not mean that all people will not have an allergic reaction).


Ingredients :Organic plant keratin, an amino acid cleansing agent, rose oil, olive oil.


Usage :

1. Firstly, wet the face, and then squeeze an appropriate amount (about 1cm) into the palm of a hand. Add a small amount of water or warm water and knead to emerge rich foam, wrap face with foam, then wash face gently.

2. Then please rinse away the residue.


Attention :

1. Firstly, store away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

2. Then, keep out of reach of children.

3. Finally, cover the lid tightly after use.

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Additional information
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3.2 × 17.7 cm