Scar Repair Essential Oil

  • Can effectively improve scar
  • Promote rapid wound healing

Scar Repair Essential Oil

Efficacy of scar remover:

1. Firstly, can effectively improve scar, burn scar, pock, burn scars, stretch marks, and other scars of women.

2. Then, can promote rapid wound healing and smooth skin.

3. Moreover, can prevent scar formation organization, ono-irritating to the skin and no allergy.Anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, balance oil secretion, excessive prevention and convergence pores, clean wounds.

4. Lastly, strong to prevent and astringent to clean the wound, repair pit, play down the scar.


Ingredients:Grape seed oil, lavender essential oil, neroli essential oil, rose fruit oil, calendula oil.


Usage: After cleansing, take appropriate oil massage scar area, to a total absorption can, twice a day. Insist on the use, then the effect is remarkable.

scar remover scar remover

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