Three “Weapons” Shape a Pair of Charming Big Eyes

I. Eyeshadow

Give you a pair of charming and deep eyes

Function: Make the eyes more attractive, bigger and more beautiful, make the whole makeup look three-dimensional, and make people more complex

Advantages: Waterproof, Long-lasting, Highpigment

1. Easy to smear and mix into a uniform color, good adhesion
2. The color will not change due to sunlight, sebum and sweat
3. The coating film will not be damaged by sweat and sebum, and the makeup is durable

Steps to draw eyeshadow:
1. Use the ring finger to dip the lightest color to make the whole eye socket.
2. Dip the middle and smudge to the crease of the double eyelid.
3. Draw the eyeliner near the root of the eyelashes.
4. Dip the darkest color on the eyeliner.
5. Take the darkest color to enhance the smudging of the eye tail.
6. Finally, take the lightest color and highlight on the eye area.



II. Eyeliner

Prolash+ eyeliner can do this–a magic pen, your eyes will be alive, no long sleep again!

It is easy to use and makeup, every female knows it.

Just draw on the eyelash.

  • If you like nude look then draw a small line on the eyelash.
  • Draw like leaf line with a bigger line on the eyelash.
  • Draw the line you like, it is free.

You will see the biggest eyes you never see, not blooming, waterproof, you will love it!!!

It is very easy to move, not hurt eye thin skin, no cause eye wrinkles!!!

With mascara, that will more perfect!!!


Usage & Effect:

1. Lightly draw on upper eyelid along the roots of eyelashes from inside out, making the eye makeup denser.

2. Lightly draw on lower eyelid along the roots of eyelashes from inside out, making your eyes profound.


If the tip becomes dry because of exposing on air for a long time or staining with eye shadow or foundation, you could apply a small amount of water to make it soft, then dry with tissue to make sure not spread.



III. Eyelashes Mascara

Create slender eyelashes like “grafting” eyelashes, making the eyes bigger and more charming

Function: Color the eyelashes, make the cleansing look thick, long, curly, etc., make the shape of the eyelashes look neat and beautiful, and enhance the charm of the eyes

Advantages: Waterproof, Thick, Natural, Fast/Quick Dry

How to use:

1. Place the eyelash curler on the root of the eyelashes, clamp the eyelashes, and slightly upwards, stay for 2 minutes.
2. Move the eyelash curler to the tip of the eyelashes, every 5 mm, clamp the eyelashes, stay for 2 minutes, until the tip of the eyelashes.
3. When applying eyelashes, place the eyelash brush parallel to the eye, starting from the inner side of the upper eyelid, apply eyelashes one by one.
4. When applying eyelashes, place the eyelash brush parallel to the nose, and use the tip of the brush to apply eyelashes one by one.


1. Use mascara every day, you must wash it thoroughly, don’t be lazy.
2. People with eye diseases, because of low local immune function, absolutely can not use mascara.