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Hair Fall – 10 Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall

Hair fall and hair loss are common problems that people experience all over the world. Hair fall may occur due to various reasons such as dandruff, combing and due to some diseases. For instance, Alopecia Areata is a common cause of hair loss. Homeopathy is an efficient form of treatment for hair fall. The treatment may be lengthy but it works from the roots and cures the underlying problem of the condition.Here are several homeopathic medicines, which help in controlling the hair fall.

Fluoricum acidum

This homeopathic medicine is derived from hydrofluoric acid and is an effective remedy for hair loss. It also prevents hair fall after any kind of sickness.


Made from the potentization of inorganic phosphorus, this medicine is good for several hair fall conditions.

Calcarea Carbonica

This medicine is a very efficient homeopathic medicine, which enhances hair growth. Patients who experience hair loss along with itching and sweating of the scalp maybe use it.

Vinca minor

This medicine primarily cures alopecia. It works to eliminate dandruff and may use in case of abnormal hair growth.


This homeopathic medicine maybe use to treat several kinds of problems. It is an effective medicine in cases when a person turns bald due to extreme hair loss.

Baryta carbonica

This medicine is used for young people who suffer from premature baldness. It use to treat hair loss that occurs at an extreme rate in people.

Lycopodium clavatum

This effective homeopathic medicine prevents a lot of hair-related conditions. It is a good solution for hair loss and baldness and is made from club moss. Premature balding is also prohibited.


This medicine is considered to be great for treating hair fall because of dandruff. The root of the cause treat, and both hair fall and dandruff get reduced.


This homeopathic medicine maybe use to cure a wide array of problems, including hair fall. It uses in cases, where a patient has a crusty scalp or infected scalp along with the production of pus. Hair growth is also encouraged.

Kali Sulphiricum

This medicine is used to treat hair fall, which results due to dandruff. It usually uses when the dandruff is yellow. This medicine is ideal for treating both dandruff and hair fall together.

Hair fall is a very common problem, and homeopathy is a very effective way of treating this condition. Hair fall may occur due to various conditions and there are homeopathic medicines to treat all of them.


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