How can we have beautiful eyes?

Three steps to have beautiful eye

I. Naturally Enlarge Your Eyes

First, Ensure enough sleep. To have big eyes, the first thing to do is to ensure adequate sleep. Our eyes need to rest for at least five hours every night to get rid of eye fatigue. At least seven hours of sleep every night can keep the body in good condition.

Second, Drink more water.To effectively prevent eye puffiness, you must first meet the body’s daily essential water. The ideal state is to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Third, Massage eyes. Proper eye massage can promote blood circulation, improve eye conditions, and diminish dark circles. Gently massage around the eyes in circular motions.

Finally, Let the eye adapt to the dim light. We all know that the pupil will adjust its size according to the light intensity of the environment in which a person is located. In a dim environment, the pupils will dilate in order to capture light. To keep the pupils naturally enlarged, try to avoid places with strong light.


II. Use Eyes Makeup

First, Draw eyeshadow. Eye makeup can make the eyes more attractive, bigger and more beautiful, make the whole makeup look three-dimensional, and make people more complex. Take a look at some comparisons before and after using eyeshadow,

Second, Draw Eyeliner. Apply a shadow on the lower eyelid and then draw eyeliner near the root of the lower eyelashes to make the eyes look bigger.

Third, Use Eye Mascara. The Eye Mascara can color the eyelashes, make the cleansing look thick, long, curly, etc., make the shape of the eyelashes look neat and beautiful, and enhance the charm of the eyes.

III. Refine Your Eyes

First, Curled eyelashes. The eyelashes are the outermost layer of the eye, curling the eyelash curler can enlarge the eye socket, so that the eye looks bigger.

Second, Take off the glasses. Thick lenses are placed in front of the eyes, making the eyes look smaller than they actually are. If your lenses are very thick, you can restore your big eyes as long as you take off the glasses.