clear pimples and narrow poresacne,comedo,pimple,acne mark,antibacterial anti-inflammatory,light scar,skin repair ,skin balance,Bisabolol,antioxidant
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The Best Cream To Treat Acne – Clean, Diminish Inflammation, Treat, Repair

clear pimples and narrow poresacne,comedo,pimple,acne mark,antibacterial anti-inflammatory,light scar,skin repair ,skin balance,Bisabolol,antioxidant

1.Antibacterial Anti-inflammatory

The main component of salvia miltiorrhiza extract is phenanthrenequinone derivatives. In the cultivation of fibroblasts, the extract has a good promotion effect on the proliferation of collagen. So it can enhance the metabolism of the dermis of the skin, and has anti-oxidation, revitalizes and anti-wrinkle; the extract can still be used as an antibacterial agent, anti-inflammatory agent.


2.Remove Skin Deep Dirt

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract: It can inhibit elastase, eliminate free radicals, thereby increasing skin metabolism, elasticity, anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging; improve sebum to make skin soft; can inhibit dermatitis and enhance skin resistance. It has anti-inflammatory properties; it can neutralize the released histamine and has the ability to prevent allergies.


3.Whitening Brighten

Licorice Root Extract: Natural whitening agent extracted from the Chinese herbal medicine licorice root. It is also a fast and efficient whitening cosmetic additive. so its licorice root extract has a certain fast and efficient whitening ability.



Contains salidroside, tyrosol, ketones, and other functional ingredients. Due to the high content of phenolic components in Rhodiola root, it shows strong and broad-spectrum antioxidant properties, which can be used as antioxidants and has anti-aging effects; it inhibits aromatase and lipase, and it is resistant to tyrosine. The acid enzyme has a certain inhibitory effect, indicating that it has a whitening effect; it can also perform as an anti-inflammatory agent and a moisturizer.


5.Prevention And Treatment Of Acne

Clove bud extract has an inhibitory effect on 5α-reductase, indicating that it has a good preventive effect on diseases caused by high male hormones. Combining its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can prevent and treat acne products. It has an inhibitory effect on the activity of collagenase, at the same time it can eliminate free radicals, has anti-oxidant properties, can resist wrinkles and anti-aging; it also can be used as a weight-loss agent.

The lilac flower extract is suitable for 8 types of skin: non-pigmented skin, sensitive skin, pigmented skin, oily skin, wrinkled skin, firm skin, tolerant skin, and dry skin.


6.Cleansing Skin

Contains plant saponins, has good cleansing skin, low irritation has the effect of accelerating skin blood flow and softening cutin.


7.Repair Skin

Centella Asiatica Extract: It can effectively promote blood circulation, improve acne skin, prevent pigmentation, promote skin collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and delay skin aging, repair after ultraviolet radiation. Centella Asiatica can tighten the connecting part of the epidermis and the dermis, soften the skin, help promote the formation of collagen in the dermis, and have the effect of tightening the skin.


8.Clear Pimples and Narrow Pores

Can exfoliate sensitive and seborrheic skin. Salicylic acid has fat-soluble properties and can lock the effect in the superficial keratin, without affecting active epidermal cells.   

Salicylic acid can remove acne and shrink pores. The fat-soluble properties of salicylic acid can penetrate into the stratum corneum and deep pores by fusing with lipids, but will not cause irritation to the dermal tissue. It can penetrate into the deep layer of pores along with the sebaceous glands that secrete oil, beneficial to dissolve the old and accumulated cuticle in the pores and improve the clogging of pores. Therefore, it can block the formation of acne and reduce enlarged pores and remove blackheads in the pores.


9.Adjust Skin Balance and Oil

North American Witch Hazel Water: The role of North American Witch Hazel is to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, converge and clean the skin, and resist aging. North American witch hazel is a strong antioxidant and astringent, very effective to treat pimples.

Treat psoriasis, eczema, skin lacerations or blisters, mosquito bites, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin cuts, abrasions, and sunburns.

Excellent calming and soothing effects that can gently soothe sensitive skin and balance metabolism. Soothes irritated skin, can effectively help skin regeneration and heal wounds. It has a good improvement effect on eczema, sunburn, and chapped areas.

Can regulate sebum secretion, has a significant effect on moisturizing and locking water. Can promote lymphatic blood circulation, and help overcome morning ophthalmos and dark circles.
North American witch hazel can regulate skin balance and oil secretion from the inside out. It has astringent and antibacterial effects. It can quickly penetrate into the skin, obviously, constrict large pores, and prevent blackheads and acne. Skincare ingredients are preferred for adolescents or skin with severe oily conditions.

Can significantly reduce the content of malondialdehyde produced by strong ultraviolet radiation in the tissues, and prevent skin inflammation caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. It reduces free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and has anti-aging effects.

Has unique cleansing molecular cells, deep cleansing ingredients to effectively regulate and relax pores, purify pores, and repair damaged skin. Gently open the facial pores to prepare for better deep cleansing of the skin, making the skin smoother and brighter, showing a delicate, smooth, and firm state.


10.Accelerate Wound Healing Process

Aloe extract: It has the functions of bactericidal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and promoting wound healing. Many skincare products and cosmetics on the market use the sterilization and anti-inflammatory function of aloe vera to eliminate acne and acne.

Soothes and calms the skin, especially after sun. When skin is injured or damaged by exposure to the sun, causing noticeable redness and allergic reactions, use skincare products containing aloe vera extract to soothe and calm. It also has many other aspects of beauty and beautification, such as moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-itching, anti-allergy, softening the skin, acne, antiperspirant, deodorant and so on. In addition, it has strong absorption of ultraviolet light and can prevent skin burns..

If the skin is accidentally injured and bacterial infection occurs, you can apply products containing aloe vera extract, because it can enhance the skin’s immunity.