Do you know your eyeskin?  The Principle Of Eye Elasticity Serum

* Eye skin is the thinnest, only 0.5mm, which is one-tenth of normal skin;

*The skin around the eyes is the most active skin in the whole body, and it blinks tens of thousands of times a day, so it is very prone to fatigue and aging;

*Compared with the skin of other parts of the body, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels are relatively insufficient, and the circulation of body fluids is relatively slow, so it is easy to form dark circles and bags under the eyes due to poor metabolism;

*Almost no sebaceous glands and sweat glands, low self-protection function; and very sensitive due to rich nerve tissue.

The Principle Of Happy+ Eye Elasticity Serum:

Contains a large amount of elastin, and elastin is an essential protein in the human body. It is an indispensable medium between the eye skin and cells, also known as the golden nutrient of the skin, which can improve the collagen fibers and elastic fibers. The activity of the product makes the fiber network around the eyes rapidly improved. When the eye micro-sculpture original solution is used on the eye skin, it can be directly absorbed through the skin without introduction, which is equivalent to the effect and feeling of micro-needling. For people with poor skin absorption and severe facial expression lines, it can effectively smooth out the lines, tighten eye bags, eliminate dark circles, crow’s feet around the eyes, and lip wrinkles, etc., so that you can regain youthfulness and firmness.

Product Effect:

After the first treatment, the complexion is obviously brightened, the skin is delicate and fair, superficial dry lines are lightened, and deep wrinkles are lightened by 20%-35%. At the same time, it can repair and destroy damaged cells and improve immunity. The Immediately inject nutrients and moisture into the skin, keep the skin moist at all times, double the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, effectively reduce fine lines and tighten puffy bags under the eyes. It can effectively solve eye problems such as dark circles and uneven skin tone caused by staying up late and tiredness. Consistent use can improve skin metabolism, promote collagen proliferation and prevent its loss, making eyes firm and delicate, hydrated and radiant at all times.


In Addition, we Have:

Happy+ hyaluronic acid solution:

Hyaluronic acid has powerful water absorption and water-locking functions like a sponge. It can directly reach the dermis to replenish and lock water in the skin, and can enhance the skin’s own ability to store water and absorb water in the air, effectively improving the skin’s lack of water, dryness, and eczema. Roughness, looseness and other problems. After use, the skin becomes moist and transparent, plump and elastic. Regular use can also reduce fine lines and delay the aging of skin cells.

Happy+ left-handed VC stock solution:

  1. Anti-yellowing and whitening: The new VC stock solution contains a large number of small molecule active substances with strong penetration, which can penetrate deep into the base layer of the skin to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and reduce the formation of melanin from the source. Effectively remove dull, dull and yellow complexion, and make the skin fair, transparent, soft and delicate. Regular use can improve skin metabolism, accelerate skin self-renewal, and prevent melanin deposition.
  2. Anti-oxidation: It can release anti-oxidative energy, effectively resist pollution, radiation, ultraviolet rays, etc., prevent skin damage and aging, and make the skin bright and smooth.
  3. Acne marks removal: Directly reach the dermis to repair damaged cells, effectively dilute acne marks.