4 Points to Solve the Dark Yellow Problem

The skin is dark yellow, which makes the face look dull and lifeless. But nowadays people are used to working overtime, staying up late, chasing dramas, facing mobile phone computers for a long time, and dark yellow has become a big annoyance for beautiful women. If you want to solve the dark yellow problem, look at the following 4 points. Did you do it?

  1. Choose weak acid cleansing products

Cleaning is the first step in skin care, and it is also a crucial step. If the cleaning is done well, it will directly determine whether the skin is absorbed well. However, many people have a misunderstanding when choosing a cleansing product. The cleaner the cleansing product, think cleanness force is stronger clean face product face is cleaner, and finally the skin is allergic. The healthy skin condition is weakly acidic, and the PH value is about 6.0 (5.0-6.5). Once the balance of skin pH is destroyed, the original surface resistance of the skin will be deteriorated, and the skin is easy. Various problems have arisen.

  1. Supplement VC, enhance skin immunity

VC can resist the free radicals that make the skin black, and can enhance the immunity of the skin, so VC has a whitening effect. Good skin is raised outside the body, you should add more VC content to your body, such as eating more VC-rich fruits and vegetables, such as apples, kiwi, cherry, tomatoes and other foods, you can also directly add VC content. Rich VC film can make the skin look more colorful and shiny.

  1. Daily hydrating whitening care

Sufficient water is also important for the skin and water for the human body. It can ensure the normal operation of the skin and maintain the normal metabolism of the skin cells. For dark yellow skin, pay attention to the whitening of the skin while hydrating. Only a lot of people have skin care products that use hydrating and whitening, but the skin is still dull and dull. This is mainly because there is no hydration and whitening according to their skin condition. Different skin types are suitable for hydrating whitening skin care products and skin care methods are not the same. So before hydrating whitening must first understand what skin is yourself, targeted care.

  1. Change bad habits

Incorrect living habits such as staying up late, smoking, and unclean makeup are harmful to our health. And also accelerate the aging of the skin and aggravate the dullness of the skin. Staying up late can lead to secretion disorders in the body, the face is dull and dull, and the toxins in the smoking will increase the toxins in the body, breaking the balance of the body’s various functions, and the cleansing of the remaining grease and dirt will clog the pores, and will also let The complexion is darker. To get rid of dark yellow skin, these bad habits must not be there.