Skin Care Concept

Four Most Confusing Skin Care Concept

In addition to the quality of your products and the maintenance attitude, your beauty benefits are also important to grasp the condition of the skin and whether you really understand some steps or the definition of product efficacy.

The most confusing skin care concept

Skin Care Concept 1: Whitening & Blemish

Whitening: Whitening mainly focuses on brightening the complexion, improving the dullness of the complexion, and improving the color of the skin as a whole.

Blemishes: Whitening products may not be blemishes, but blemishes products must have a very strong whitening effect. The main role of the blemish product is in some spots or the root cause of skin blemishes, which are targeted to improve stubborn pigmentation and cellular inflammation.

Skin Care Concept 2: Replenishment& Moisturizing

Replenishment: Replenishment is a simple addition of water to the skin. Then, it causes the skin cells to swell, become full and full, and is moist and healthy. So it can be achieved by lotion and flaky mask.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing is mainly to prevent the loss of moisture and sebum in the skin. It enhances the sealing ability of the skin through the action of some gelatin, oil and other moisturizing ingredients to combat dryness.

Skin Care Concept 3: Anti-wrinkle & Firming

Anti-wrinkle: The purpose of anti-wrinkle is to make the lines and gullies on the skin become inconspicuous, to dilute the traces of the years that have already occurred. But it is basically ineffective for the innate head-up and necklines.

Firming: The firming product contains many collagen irritating ingredients and anti-aging ingredients. It can enhance the contours of the skin and improve the relaxation of the face.

Skin Care Concept 4: Allergy & Sensitive

Allergies: After exposure to allergens, the skin becomes allergic. Moreover, after using some care products containing intolerant ingredients, the skin may become allergic. In short, the leading cause of allergies is allergens.

Sensitive: The main cause of skin sensitivity is the low barrier function of the skin. In this case, the skin will become very sensitive to external stimuli, such as sun exposure, windy or alcohol exposure.