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Best Essential Serum For Eliminate Dark Circle

Eye Elasticity Serum

eliminate dark circles ,eye edema ,small wrinkles ,dry wrinkles and eye bags


Ingredients :

deionized water ,Collagen , hyaluronic acid ,coenzyme Q10, levorotatory VC,saussurea involucrata extract essence ,vitamin A.

Product effect:

eliminate dark circles ,eye edema ,small wrinkles ,dry wrinkles and eye bags.

To solve the problems of dark circle aound the eyes ,small wrinkles and eye bags ,it contains various of eye skin care plant essence ,can deeply restrain melanin excessive generation ,smoothen and firm skin ,whitening and moisturizing ,eliminate dark circles ,smoothed eye wrinkles and dry wrinkles ,prevent dropsy and prosis to improve eye skin aging ,make eye skin smooth ,firm and white.


Usage method:

1.Apply some eye essence liquid on palms ,gently and evenly use around eye skin.

2.Using your middle finger gently press the recession under the brow ,called “qingmingxue” ,and then using fingers finger tip slowly sliding around eye skin, repeat three times.

3.Using finger slide from brow to two sides skin ,called “taiyangxue” ,and then upper and lower alternate, gently pulling up, finally warm 6 ~ 10 seconds

4.Using the same method to press 5 seconds from inside canthus to eye below.

Note :

After using this essence liquid in summer, preserve in the refrigerator ,it will be cool and comfortable when using it .Put the eye dropper into hot water to soak for a while in winter before using it ,that will be more convenient.

Storage method :

This product please preserve in a cool place or in a refrigerator.

Shelf life :

Shelf life is 3 years for not opening and 6 months for opening.