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What is Lyophilized Powder?What it efficacy?


What is Lyophilized Powder:

Lyophilized powder is the “special effect medicine” in the beauty industry.

Made by freezing the water in the liquid medicine in advance by the vacuum freeze-drying method of the freeze dryer. Then, sublimating the frozen water in the liquid medicine in a vacuum aseptic environment to obtain freeze-drying.

Drain the water in the liquid medicine in a low-temperature environment to retain its original medicine effect.

Effects Lyophilized Powder:

The efficacy of freeze-dried powder is different because of its composition. There are many types such as whitening and hydrating.
Because of the unique production process of freeze-dried powder, most of the product ingredients in it maintain the original drug activity, which can reach the deep layer of the skin and repair cells.
Lyophilized powder can repair the structure of the skin. Encounter damaged skin, the lyophilized powder can play a strong effect.

Use Lyophilized Powder:

Lyophilized powder is used together in two bottles. One is lysozyme (liquid) and the other is lyophilized powder. When using, need to mix lysozyme into the lyophilized powder before use.

1.Take a bottle of lyophilized powder and solvent respectively;
2.Pour the solvent into the lyophilized powder bottle and shake it to fully dissolve it;
3.After cleansing the skin, take some of the mixtures with a dropper. Apply it on the face evenly to be fully absorbed.

For external use, do not take it internally; after use, please store it in a cool, dry place that is out of reach of children; if you feel unwell during use, please stop using it.
Once the product is opened and mixed, in order to maintain the good effect. It is recommended to use it up within 24 hours.
After being completely dissolved, place it in the refrigerator for no over 72 hours.

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