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Multiple Beauty , Multiple Effects Skincare Capsules

Multiple beauty ingredients, multiple effects skincare capsules. A bottle of skincare capsules can solve dry skin, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin, skin damage, and sub-health problems. It has moisturizing and locking water, anti-aging, whitening and rejuvenating, anti-allergic repair, eye skincare, The radiant repairing effect achieves food-grade skincare that reproduces exquisite, moisturized, and healthy skin from the inside out. Our skincare capsules are divided into whitening moisturizing series, whitening series, especially recommended series, makeup series, cleansing series, special care series, anti-sensitive series tailored for sensitive skin, and inverse time series.


Moisturizing Serie Skincare Capsules

Hydrating essence capsule contains C60 fullerene. C60 fullerene is a very powerful anti-oxidant ingredient, which has a great effect on skin whitening. Its antioxidant capacity is 125 times that of vitamin C. It can improve the fine lines caused by dryness and dehydration, achieve deep hydration, help the skin to prepare for anti-aging early, enhance the skin’s firmness, regain translucent luster, and reproduce young skin.

Moisturing essence capsule is a specially researched eye care capsule. It contains vitamin E and ceramide active essence. Take a capsule of this product and apply it around the eyes. Use a circular motion to promote absorption. The texture is silky, refreshing, and not greasy. , Deeply repairs the skin around the eyes that is slightly damaged and aging, relieves eye strain and fatigue, smooths fine lines around the eyes, improves eye circles, sagging, crow’s feet, and other eye troubles, so that the eyes will restore a moving look.

The hydrating series capsules have very good effects on whitening, moisturizing, and locking water, and can improve dry skin, eye wrinkles, and rough skin.

Whitening Series Skincare Capsules

Levo-rotation VC essence capsules can make the skin excellent whitening, revitalizing and whitening, silky smooth and clean, dispelling yellow and bright skin, anti-free radicals, rejuvenating and firming, anti-sensitive, moisturizing for 12 hours, continuous repair and nourishment, continuous use There will be surprising effects, make you feel ceramic skin!

Nanosilver foil essence capsules are rich in a variety of nourishing ingredients, which can provide sufficient nutrients to the skin. Restore skin luster and activate the skin, keep skin soft and delicate, improve skin health in all aspects, keep skin crystal clear and delay skin aging, make skin tone natural bright white. It has whitening and anti-acne marks.

Niacinamide essence capsules, containing niacinamide active essence ingredients, arouse the skin’s youthful vitality, healthy and bright, even skin tone, quietly improve the dullness, dullness, and fatigue of the skin and other skin troubles, make the skin beautiful and moisturized, rebuild the natural light feeling, and restore the skin Bright effect.

Snow Spirit Essence Capsules contain high-activity and pure decapeptide active factors, compounded with cutting-edge high-tech gene active fresh-keeping technology, precise positioning, and instantaneous absorption, intensive penetration directly to the bottom of the muscle, improving and repairing damaged epidermis and middle skin tissues, improve skin immunity and light-sensitive aging defense with moisturizing as well as nourishing. It is especially suitable for sensitive and dry mature skin. It absorbs quickly and is not sticky, forming a natural protective film, smooth and silky, fine lines without a trace.

Special Recommendation Series Skincare Capsules

Anti-aging essence capsules, a collection of multiple oligopeptide skin rejuvenating essences, synergistically build a skin moisturizing barrier, replenish the active nutrients and trace elements required by the skin, deeply nourish, relieve dryness and fine lines, delay the appearance of signs of aging, and regain brilliance Youthful luster. It reduces fine lines, tightens, and enhances skin tone.

Salmon essence capsules are moisturizing and cell repairing. Contains salmon and apple stem cell active essences, giving the skin a variety of luxurious nutrients and trace elements, like morning dew, pours into the skin full of vitality, soothes and repairs potential dryness and fine lines, balances and adjusts subtle blemishes, and quietly glows Silk sliding force, beautiful skin blooms youthful radiance.


Makeup Series Skincare Capsules

Primer Capsules are applied evenly on the face after cleansing the face and basic facial moisturizing work. It can instantly smooth the skin, improve the complexion, fill fine lines, cover pores, lasting moisturizing, make the skin soft and moisturize and make the makeup look more perfect Flawless, showing a matte touch, keeping makeups long time.

CC cream capsule, this capsule is no different from a CC cream. It is isolated, waterproof, sunscreen, whitening, moisturizing, concealer, brightening, oil control, and moisturizing. It has a more comprehensive effect, and it is portable and convenient to make makeup. More fresh and natural, without heavy feeling, zero burdens, moisturizing, and not greasy, ultra-fine nanopowder can instantly combine with the skin.

Cleaning series

Facial Cleansing Powder Capsule, containing natural extracts of plant ingredients such as geranium, frankincense, rose hips, are natural and non-irritating, refreshing and not greasy, with a light natural fragrance, gently cleanses the skin of chemical residues and dirt, and can be used with glacier water to achieve a perfect cleansing energy effect.

Grape Seed Makeup Remover Oil Capsule contains skin-friendly and gentle grape seed oil, added vitamin E and mineral trace elements, gently cleans the makeup, oil, and dirt on the facial skin and pores, and restores fresh, moisturized, and pure skin.

Special Care Series Skincare Capsules

Aloe DetoxCapsule, developed with cutting-edge micro-osmosis superconducting technology, instantaneous penetration promotes skin self-renewal metabolism, improves cell autoimmunity and rejection, and allows lead, mercury, and pigments deposited in deep skin layers for many years Such as heavy metals and harmful hormones are metabolized and discharged, fundamentally solve skin problems, achieve long-lasting healthy skin effects, and restore the inner skin environment of healthy skin.

Breast Dredge Serum Capsule, to Deeply dredge and promote blood circulation. It is healthy and comfortable to use this capsule to promote internal circulation, which makes the skin tone nice and beautiful. The external beauty must be guaranteed by the internal care.

Ginger Massage Essence Capsule 

1. Deeply dredge and promote blood circulation. It is healthy and comfortable to use this capsule to promote internal circulation, which makes the skin tone nice and beautiful. The external beauty must be guaranteed by the internal care.

2. It contains pure Chinese medicinal oil, which can relieve pain in various parts of the body. 

3. It can also be used for energy supplement and health care massage without pain symptoms. 

Hair CareCapsule, using the Swiss international top professional hair care formula, contains professional PPT polypeptide water nourishing moisturizing factor, olive oil, wheat protein, and other nutrients, penetrate the core and ends of the hair from the outer and inner layers, and repair the hair due to dyeing, Hair quality problems such as dry hair, split ends, and roughness caused by sun exposure and blowing, and a moisturizing and silky protective layer is formed on the surface, giving the hair light and dynamic feeling, showing a silky, shiny and elegant dynamic feeling.

Anti-Sensitive Series Skincare Capsules

Blue Pearl Capsules are carefully selected and ground blue coral microcrystals by nanotechnology and are perfectly compounded with a variety of skin-beautifying plant essences, which intensively supplement a variety of skin amino acids, vitamins, and mineral elements. Nano-level microcrystals are easier for the skin to absorb and brighten skin tone. Purify oil secretion, improve dullness, roughness, sagging, sagging, and other skin troubles, make it soft and silky, and revitalize.

Black Pearl Capsule Technology extracts nano-milled deep-sea black pearl active microcrystalline essence, which gives the skin rich amino acids, active peptides, and a variety of mineral trace elements. Touch the skin for a moment, excellently repair the delicate and sensitive skin damage, and intensively supplement multiple repairs Protect the nutrients, quietly conceal sub-health problems such as redness, sensitivity, dry itching, and rejuvenate the skin from the inside to the outside, and the skin will be exquisite, hydrated and healthy.

Both of these capsules have anti-national, anti-sensitivity, repair skin, and professional warm repair and care for people with sensitive skin.

Reverse Time Series Skincare Capsules

Enzyme Eye Cream Capsule is rich in enzyme high-activity repair factors and enzyme anti-radiation ingredients, moisturizing and improving skin roughness, wrinkles, dullness, sagging, and aging, prevent and diminish dark circles, enhance skin elasticity, and make skin white, tender, and shiny. Flexible.

Peptides Moisturizing Cream Capsule uses ultra-micro liposomal intelligent introduction technology and high-density active factor slow-release technology. Triple moisturizing and rejuvenating formula, the activity quickly penetrates straight through the bottom of the skin, injecting nutrients needed for skin renewal, instantly reaching a hydrated, full, and youthful state, reversing the skin’s growth ring, and blooming with a fresh look.

Collagen essence capsule technology condenses 100% small-molecule collagen active essence, which contains 18 kinds of protein peptides, amino acids, and vitamins required by the skin. It is fused with a variety of organic plant active extracts to perfectly retain the freshness of every drop of active ingredients. Nutrition, intensive supplementation is easier to absorb, comprehensively enhance the skin’s ability to moisturize and lock water, repair the broken elastin network structure, significantly improve and tighten looseness, perfectly tighten large pores, and reproduce youthful, moisturized “ageless skin”.

Hot Essence capsule

Snail essence capsule technology extracts 100% essence of French snail, intensively penetrates to excellently revitalize the skin texture, activates skin metabolism renewal regulation, enhances self-repair ability, rebuilds collagen and elastin network structure, and reduces fine lines. , To help tighten the sagging and sagging phenomenon, rejuvenate youthful brilliance.

Gold Foil Enzyme Nourishing Capsule, contains a mild nourishing formula that deeply nourishes the facial skin, awakens the natural vitality of the skin, improves the facial complexion, enhances the skin’s brightness and natural elasticity, leaving the skin smooth, tender, and elastic.

EGF Age Recovery Capsule, Contains pure EGF epidermal growth factor active ingredients, which perfectly promotes skin epidermal repair and rejuvenation, initiates regeneration and regulation of microcirculation from the base, refines large pores and invisible fine lines, excellent nourishment and precise improvement, and sweeps away sagging, sagging and puffiness, etc. Skin troubles, repair sensitive, damaged, and aging skin, promote collagen and elastin synthesis, reverse the time and space, and reproduce youthful, tender, smooth, and elastic skin.

Our lightweight anti-aging serum effectively diminishes wrinkles and lines, improves skin’s elasticity and tone, and increases cellular turnover for a more luminous, firm, and young complexion. Experience maximum benefits with minimal irritation.

We tailor high-quality products to customers according to their needs and provide OEM customization and ODM services for friends who are engaged in beauty and skincare all over the world. Please feel free to contact me.