Happy Paris Eyelash Growth Serum

  • 7 Days effectively :To make your eyelash—longer, blacker, thicker

Happy Paris Eyelash Growth Serum


This lash serum uses French “HAPPY” developed by the pharmaceutical company, the “EPM” constitute of 10 amino acids. It is to form part of human tissue protein. So it can be used for making hair cell and form of tissue can activate the dormant hair follicle of the secondary germ organization. Then, to make the resting hair follicle back to the value-added division level of the developmental stage, to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes.


Main Ingredient: enzyme “EPM”, distilled liquid, hair follicle growth factor.


Usage dosage: After clean every morning and evening, painted the eyelash(eyebrow) liquid in the eyelash(eyebrow)roots. Then, to feel wet you can, close your eyes 2 minutes to fully absorb. If drop into the eyes, don’t worry, it has no side-effect.


Effect: Used after 7 days, the eyelashes(eyebrow) gradually become dense black. After 10 to 15 days, the eyelashes(eyebrow) become darker, more dense, longer and bend.  Moreover, the length of the metabolism is not influenced.

eyelash growth liquid

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