Prolash+ Mascara

  • Magic curl cream: lengthen 80% of the eyelash immediately
  • No smudge, let you have amazing, attractive and beautiful lashes

Prolash+ Mascara

Main Ingredients :

Deionized water, Natural beeswax, glycerin, jojoba oil, carnauba wax, iron oxide black, Natural fiber.


Mascaras Features:

With bio-enzyme enhancer technology, the magic eyelash mascara can let lashes longer, thicker, stronger, become more vitality. Keep thick, black and long; No Smudge, no dropping makeup, no agglomeration, keep curve all day; it is easy to remove, just wash with warm water, no need to knead.


Main Function:

1. Eyelash will lengthen 80%, immediately owning amazing and charming eyelashes.

2. Several weeks later, eyelashes will be longer, thicker and stronger, glowing vigor.


Mascaras Usage :

1. According to the sequence of “root first, then middle and end”, curl the eyelash three times and up them gently.

2. Pick up the brush flatly, brush it as “Z” glyph repeatedly, roll it and remove to upward.

3. In order to enhance the lashes, you can bristle the brush to apply the short lashes.

4. Before the cream dry, please brush the lashes twice to achieve the obvious effect.

5. Lastly, warm water can clean easily. No need to knead, but remove without any trouble.


Notes :

1. Firstly, clear the mascara on the bottle in time in case that the pollution caused by the dry lump.

2. Then, don’t forget to tighten the bottle shutter to prevent the concretion.

3. Moreover, please wash eyes with clean water or cotton swab immediately if drop some cream in the eyes.

4. Lastly, keep away from sunshine and children.mascaras mascaramascaras

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Dimensions 14 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm




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