QBEKA Pearl Invisible Silk Mask

  • Breathing mask, face skin becomes natural white and soft
  • Soft and light mask, releasing pressure, making tender and white skin

QBEKA Pearl Invisible Silk Mask

Facial Mask Ingredients: Hydrolysis silk protein, vitamin E, deep sea pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, selfheal extract, oatmeal.


Product Efficacy: It is anti-inflammatory and calm. It can promote cell regeneration, smooth sensitive skin rapidly. Moreover, it can activate swelling blood to improve skin immunity. Also, it can reduce inflammation and fade melanin, leaving the healthy and white skin.


Facial Mask Usage:

1.Take out the mask and spread it on the face, the better effect for frequently, Use immediately after opening the package.

2.Then, use your fingertips to press facial mask gently and evenly to the entire face area.

3.Keep using 20-30 minutes and making effective ingredients absorbed by the skin.

4.Lastly, after use on face, it can continue to be used on neck skin for 10 minutes, making tender and young neck skin.

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Additional information
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12.6 × 2 cm

40g/pc * 5pcs

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