Private Label Skin Care Serum

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Anti-aging Serum
Moisturizing Serum
Brightening Serum
Hydrating Serum
Firming Serum
Eye Anti-wrinkle Serum
Facial Anti-wrinkle Serum

Our company

Boss Biological Technique Ltd is professional in the beauty skin care manufacturer technology over 10 years. Our company produces more than 10 million different kinds of Serum each year. And we have been cooperated with the customer almost all over the world, such as US, European countries, Australia, etc.

 Our factory:

With our professional facilities and experiences in this industries, so we are able to output higher quality products and supplier the best service to your brand.


Moreover, Boss Biological Technique Ltd has passed the certification of  ISO,FDA(company), GMPC, CE, FDA(product), SGS, ROHS, MSDS and some important certification.

OEM bottles:

We can make customer logo, label, design, package as your request.


Brand name: Free OEM
Use / Type: Face serum, Eye serum
Form: Serum
Feature: Anti-wrinkle Anti-aging serum
Design: Free professional design
MOQ: 1000 pcs
Payment terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, other
Certification: ISO, FDA(company), GMPC, CE, FDA(product), SGS, ROHS, MSDS
Model number: 2ml / 5ml/ 10ml/ 15ml/ 30ml/ 50ml/ 60 ml/ 120 ml
Factory: Professional beauty skin care manufacturer
Delivery time: Firstly, spot bottles: Sample confirmed, 10 days delivery

Then, glass bottles:Sample confirmed, 10 days delivery

Moreover, plastic bottles: Sample confirmed, 20days-30 days delivery

OEM product variety are as follows:
Brand name: Specification: Recommended packing: Efficacy:
Eye wrinkle serum 15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Firstly, remove wrinkles. Then, remove eye bags and remove dark circles
Retinol Renewal Serum

Retinol Anti-aging Serum

30ml/ 60ml/ 100ml/ 120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Firstly, anti-wrinkle. Then, anti-aging
Hyaluronic acid serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Super moisturizing
Collagen elastic serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Firming skin
Hexapeptide serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Repair and strengthen the elastic of skin
Levorotatory VC serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Whitening remove acne scars
Tranexamic acid serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle A new concept whitening ingredient
Botulinum toxin serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Reduce wrinkles
Coenzyme Q10 serum
10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Firstly, promote collagen synthesis. Then, anti-aging
Sheep placenta serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Repair damaged skin
Astaxanthin anti-aging serum


10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Super vitamin E, moisturizing, super anti-aging
Liquorice serum
10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Anti-allergy repair
Anti-melanis element serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Powerful whitening fade speckle
Azelaic acid serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Oil control, shrinking pore
Aloe polysaccharide stem cell serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Increase skin elasticity,promote the renewal and regeneration
Rose tender skin serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Beauty skin care, improve skin moisture
Synthetic peptide serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Tighten and strengthen skin
Snail essential serum 10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Moisture skin deeply
EGF serum
10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml Glass /Plastic bottle Repair epithelial cell and skin tissue to remove wrinkles


Organic plant rose beauty serum 30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Repair dehydrated skin, reduce wrinkle
Organic plant skin repairing serum 30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Repair damaged cells, improve dehydration
Ferment  fading serum 60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle recover skin to clear, white and lustrous state without blemish
Coenzyme perfect youth serum 30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Moisture skin
Collagen anti-wrinkle serum 30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Strengthen cells regeneration, make skin young
Magic chitosan polypeptide fading serum sets 5ml/10ml/15ml Glass /Plastic bottle Full complement of skin collagen
Coenzyme Anti-Aging
Repairing serum 
30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Anti-Wrinkle, Nourishing Moisturizing


Organic Plant Whitening

Moisturizing serum


30ml/60ml/80ml/120ml Glass /Plastic bottle Super Nourishing Moisturizing


Ferment polypeptide fading serum




Glass /Plastic bottle Brightening and whitening
Copper peptide tendering serum




Glass /Plastic bottle Anti-wrinkle and remove wrinkle

Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are the professional manufacturer. In addition, we have R&D, production, sales and service supply


Q: What should I do when my skin in trouble due to the different season?

A: You can use our products to solve the problems, the corresponding serum can help your skin restore moisturizing or anti-wrinkle in the situation of four seasons.


Q: What’s your payment policy?

A: Our payment is T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Aliexpress and other payment methods. We can also consider if accept L/C.

Formal order: After confirming the order, you should pay 30%-50% prepayments, and then pay the left payments when the productions of goods are completed. Finally, we arrange the delivery.


Q: Do you provide a free sample?

A: We do offer a free sample.


Q: How long is the shelf life of the product?

A:The shelf life of our skincare and makeup product is 3 years.


Q: How long will it take to deliver the goods?

A: Firstly, if the product is available in stock, it will take 3-5days to deliver.

Moreover, if you choose by FOB term, it will take 7-10 days.

In addition, if the product is not in stock, it will take about 1 month.

Finally, for the mass production, we will try our best to fulfill your need.


Warmly welcome your order, we are sincerely providing you with the best service and the satisfied price.

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