OEM Bio-Enzyme Eyelash Growth Serum Customized Lash Peptide Liquid


OEM Bio-Enzyme Eyelash Growth Serum

Customized Lash Peptide Liquid

7 Days: Make Your Eyelashes(Eyebrows)  Longer Blacker And Thicker

7-15days growth eyelash 2-3mm

Our company: 

Over 10 years of Professional beauty skin care manufacturer technology, Boss Biological Technique Ltd with a factory belong to our company which produces about ten million products every year.

With our professional facilities and experiences in these industries, so we are able to output higher quality products and suppliers the best service to your brand.



In addition, Boss Biological Technique Ltd has passed the certification of  ISO,FDA(company), GMPC, CE, FDA(product), SGS, ROHS, MSDS, and some important certification.

Technical advantages:

1. With The Latest Cutting-Edge Technology Of Bio-Enzyme Eyelash Growth

2.  Wake Up Your Eyelash, Accelerate Growth And Increase Volume

3. The Newest  Bio-enzyme Technology

4. Unique Natural Amino Acids Formulation

5. Naturally, Promote Rapid Growth of Eyelashes

6. Formula Of The Eyelash (Eyebrow) Growth Liquid & Eyelash (Eyebrow) Enhancer Serum

Firstly, this product uses the advanced Bio-enzyme eyelash growth technology, the “EPM” in bio-enzyme constitutes of 10 amino acids. And is a part of the protein to form human tissue. So it can be used to manufacture hair cells and the form organizations, activate dormant secondary follicle germinal organization. Then, it makes the hair follicle in the resting phase to recover its division growth back to the developmental stage and promote the rapid growth of eyelashes-eyebrows.


Elegant Product Of Eyelash Beauty, Warmly Welcomed By Fashionable Women

Our company eyelash growth liquid is the high-tech biological products, the individual ingredient (ingredient is reached 97% familiar with human amino acids),It can rapidly activate the “resting” eyelash follicle to change the features of “long-resting”, and make it inactive period, the special ingredient for regulating the eyelashes growth is bidirectional, when the hair follicles cell all be woke up, it will stop the hair follicle cell simulation naturally, so don’t worry about the overgrowth of the eyelashes to become longer as the hair, you can stop using it when you satisfied with the reached length. Because of the composition can be damaged easily from external, the extraction difficulty is very big, so the cost is highly expensive.

Moreover, as early as 10 years ago, it only used by the star lady aboard. At that time, it was regarded as a respected symbolize by using our eyelash growth liquid. But the happiness is, with the improving of extraction technology, the “EPM” and Hair follicle growth factor finally can be extracted extensively, to make the cost lower largely, and make all the folks have the chance to enjoy this magic dreamy product finally. So this eyelash growth liquid is hot selling in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe.


7 Days Effective, 15 Days For A Real “Magic Eye Beauty”

7 Days After, Your Eyelash (Eyebrow) Will Become Blacker And Thicker Gradually, And 10—15 Days Later Even Darker, Thicker, And Longer And Curler, Plus The Length Are Not Affected By Metabolism.

Hair, Beard, Eyelash, Eyebrow are all of the constituent parts of the human hair system, a human hair is able to grow to meters, and eyelash too. In fact, our eyelash grows constantly, but its growth is very slow because of the growth period is too short, and the resting period is too long.

Then, the longest hair growth period is 2 to 6 years, and the resting period is only 3 months. Oppositely, the eyelash growth period is only 1 month, and the resting period is 3 to 9 months. Moreover, above 90% of the human eyelash is in resting. So How long is the eyelash of humans, we discover from research, the eyelash length is 6 to 12mm, the upper eyelid has 100 to 150 roots, the lower eyelid has 50 to 75 roots. Furthermore, our eyelash can’t grow as fast as hair. In addition, the key to make eyelash grow rapidly is to break the eyelash resting period, this famous theory is called “Eyelash Growth Theory” by Dr. Addison from America famous hair system research.


Compared With Traditional Eyelashes, What’s The Biggest Characteristic Of  Eyelash (Eyebrow) Growth Liquid?

Our company Eyelash (Eyebrow) Growth Liquid has the magic power of making eyelashes naturally grow thicker and longer 3—9 mm. Please note that it’s “naturally”. So it is easy to be absorbed and easy to use. Usually, around 30 days you will have naturally long and thick eyelashes!


New formula, even stronger effect, make every eye look alluring and attractive

Product details:

 Type Of Product: Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

Physical Form: Liquid

Suitable Consumer: Adult Males And Females

Ascorbic Vitamin C
Bio-enzyme EPM
Hair follicle growth factor
Hyaluronic acid
Successful cases :

7-15 days growth eyelash 2-3mm




Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a professional manufacturer. We have R&D, production, sales, and service supply


Q: What’s your payment policy?

A: Our payment is normally by PayPal. We have other payment terms such as T/T, Bank of China, Moneygram and Weston Union.

But, formal order: 30% payment in advance via T/T as deposit payment and balance payment will be done against the Copy of B/L. L/C payment is also available.


Q: Do you provide a free sample?

A: We do offer a free sample, but customers have to pay the shipping costs.


Q: How long is the shelf life of the product?

A: The shelf life of our skincare and makeup product is at least 3 years, so OEM/ODM products depend on shipping time.


Q: How long will it take to deliver the goods?

A: If the product is available in stock, it will take one week to deliver it to the port you choose by FOB Term after we receive payment. Then, If the goods are unavailable, the lead time will be around one month normally after order. However, for mass production, we will do our best to fulfill your need, but still, strongly recommend you to place your order one month before.


Warmly welcome your order, we are sincerely providing you with the best service and the satisfied price.

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