Pro-Xylane Sheep Placenta Repairing Lyophilized Powder


Pro-Xylane Sheep Placenta Repairing Lyophilized Powder

Anti-wrinkle & Anti-aging & Repair



Hydrolyzed Placenta (Sheep) Extract, Trehalose Sprouting Short Stem Enzyme Polysaccharide

Effect: To increase skin elasticity and firmness and care skin delicately with moisturizing, makes the skin hydrated and young.


  1. Take a bottle of lyophilized powder and solvent respectively;
  2. Pour the solvent into the lyophilized powder bottle and shake it to fully dissolve it;
  3. After cleansing the skin, take some of the mixtures with a dropper and apply it to the face evenly to be fully absorbed.


Arginine and lysine are also known as conotoxin and cono peptide, specially designed to deal with fine lines and various skin aging phenomena. Simulate the skin’s natural growth factors, combine with the synergistic effect of the delivery system to create a youthful skin effect. Promote the synthesis of healthy collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, build a soft texture and healthy skin tone, and make the skin appear natural and firm. Cono is a kind of carnivorous tropical marine mollusk, there are about 500 kinds in the world. Cono can secrete a special kind of polypeptide venom through the poison tube, which is used for predation and defense. The venom is mainly composed of some small peptides, collectively called Conotoxin or Cononpeptide. Conotoxin is a biologically simulated conotoxin peptide, which is sorted and artificially synthesized to provide a very powerful muscle relaxation effect and provide a rapid and immediate anti-wrinkle effect.

Conotoxin provides effective muscle relaxation but is not completely stiff and paralyzed. It retains 5% of the neuromuscular current conduction in the muscles, so it provides a natural rejuvenation effect.


Hydroxypropyl Tetrahydropyrantriol aliases: Bosein, Pro-xylane. It can stimulate the production of amino dextran and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin. After entering the skin, it can also promote the production of extracellular matrix protein polysaccharides. After these molecules absorb water, the cell-matrix becomes gelatinous, which can increase the compactness of the cells and achieve the effect of firming and anti-aging. Pro-xylane can directly activate skin cells, improve the effective combination of moisture in the dermis and epidermis, and create a good physiological environment for the regeneration of skin cells, so it has the magical effect of rejuvenating aging facial skin.

It has dual anti-aging effects. In terms of prevention, it is mainly based on Pro-xylane’s promotion of the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides. The synthesis of mucopolysaccharides can make the skin more water-retaining, more full. In terms of repairing aging, it is mainly based on the optimization of the acceptance of transformed protein cells, which can help repair the fine lines formed on the surface of the skin.

Hydrolyzed (Sheep) Placenta Extract is a biochemically active substance extracted from sheep placenta. It is a polypeptide protein substance, which has anti-oxidation and prevents aging. It also has the effect of whitening and removing spots.

Sheep Placenta has a very good effect on delaying skin aging. It can reduce fine lines on the face and make the skin smooth, delicate, and shiny.

The sheep placenta has a very great effect on improving human immunity. It can enhance the body’s functions and improve the body’s resistance, so as to prevent all kinds of diseases caused by low immunity!

Sheep placenta is a professional anti-aging product. The active factors it contains can promote the division of cells in the body, thereby delaying the passage of youth from the root!


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