Skin Care Steps

Tips: Correct Skin Care Steps

More and more girls pay great attention to skin care. Because the delicate and smooth skin is far more enviable than luxury. Many girls do not have some professional skin care knowledge. So skin care The steps are not so accurate.

Although the wrong order of skin care products does not cause much damage to the skin, it will waste your time and money. Some high-end skin care products are a few thousand. But if they are used, they have no effect or counterproductive effects. Is it very disheartening?

Today, let’s talk about the right skin care steps.

1. Spring and summer: facial cleanser—water—essence—emulsion.

Autumn and winter: facial cleanser—water—essence—cream.

The difference between lotion and cream is mainly the difference in texture. For example, the same series of lotion and cream products have the same effect, but the texture of the lotion is lighter and contains more water. That is suitable for summer and oily skin and is more refreshing.

The cream has a richer texture and contains more oil. It is suitable for dry winter and dry skin, and it is more moisturizing and water-locking.

2. Order of use of ordinary skin care products

Ordinary skin care products are determined by the molecular size of the ingredients. The smaller the molecules, the more they are used, such as water, essence, lotion, cream, creamy skin care products, and then oily skin care products. Because these different sizes of molecules each contain different nutrients, and they also have different effects on the skin. The easiest way to judge the order of use is the thinner the texture, the more refreshed it is.

The more moisturized the product, the higher its moisture level, and a protective film will form on the outside of the skin after application.

So if you use a creamy product first, it has formed a protective film on the surface of the skin. You can use water, using essence and other small molecules, these small molecules cannot penetrate into the skin to reach

the deep layer to play. Many girls really think that if they wipe, everything will be fine, no matter the steps.

If you follow the correct steps, first water, essence, etc., then the essence of small molecules through the surface of the skin, 88% of the nutrients can be absorbed by the body, oil macromolecular products, mostly on the surface of the skin, nutrients only 6 % can be absorbed.

3. Order of use of special skin care products

After 25 years of age, girls should pay attention to anti-aging maintenance work, so many girls will slowly pay attention to anti-aging. The general anti-aging, essence repair liquid, and other products are used instead of day cream or night cream after cleansing.

However, the absorption of skin care products varies from skin condition to skin condition, and the age, metabolism, lifestyle, work, and diet structure make some people work in a week, but some people only take several months to work.

Also, look at the instructions, some night products cannot be used during the day or no effect, or it will cause counter-effects.

Ok, the above is the correct step to share the skincare today. I understand that it is right to start skin care today.