Facial Mask Usage

Tips: How to Use the mask & Mistakes in the Use of Mask

How to use the mask

1.Time: Usually, the mask is applied for 10 to 15 minutes. It should be noted that the mask is not applied for the longer the effect is the better. If it has reached the time specified in the mask instructions, but the mask is still very moist, there is no need to continue to apply. Because the active ingredients in the mask have been fully absorbed by your skin. Absorption and re-application will not increase the effect.

2.Massage: After removing the woven mask, you can use the nutrients left in the face to massage and double the effect of the mask. Fingers massage along the muscles in the order of “from center to the periphery” and “from bottom to top”. This route is a line of lymphatic circulation that tightens the skin.

3.Package: The main reason for the mask’s excellent maintenance effect is the “wrapping” effect of the mask. It completely separates the skin from the air and allows the skin to fully absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is best to apply the mask when lying on the bed, so that the weight of the mask is fully pressed against the face, helping the mask to exert a “wrapping” effect.


Mistakes in the use of the mask

1. Everyday use: In principle, it cannot be used every day, and it is enough to be about 3 to 4 times a week.

2. Be sure to exfoliate before making a mask: The metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days, that is, every 28 days. The stratum corneum metabolizes some dead cells. So the exfoliation is done once every 1 month, exfoliating too frequently, damages the stratum corneum and destroys the skin barrier.

3.Mask use time: The expert’s opinion is that the night is the “golden time” of skin beauty. At this time, the skin cells are more active and the metabolism is stronger. It can make the beauty essence of the mask or other skin care products fully function and make the skin more beautiful.

4. Can be reused: The mask is a one-time use product. Once the mask is opened, it will come into contact with the air. The whitening ingredients in the mask will oxidize for a long time. Repeated use will only breed bacteria and block pores.

5. Long-term freezer: The mask ice is too long, applied to the face. The pores will not absorb the essence of the mask when it is cold contracted. Then, the skin care products stored in the refrigerator for too long will also hurt the skin itself. If you want to calm and shrink the pores through the cold compress in the summer,  it is recommended to store the mask in the refrigerator for no more than 5 minutes.