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10 Treating Sunburn Tips for Children in Summer

Baby’s skin: soft, scented, and vulnerable. You notice that when you pee: it is prone to irritation; soothing cream removes it like magic.

Younger skin heals faster than old skin, but it also does not protect itself from damage, including sun damage.

Infants under six months should not be exposed to the sun. Infants of more than six months should avoid sun exposure and wear UV protection sunglasses to protect their eyes. However, if your child is sunburned.

10 Treating Sunburn Tip

1. For infsants under one year of age, sunburn should be considered an emergency. Call your doctor today immediately.

2. For children 1 year of age or older, call your doctor if you experience severe pain, water, drowsiness or a fever of more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38.3 degrees Celsius).

3. Sunburn can cause dehydration. Give your child water or juice instead of body fluids, especially if your child does not urinate regularly.

4. Transparent, warm baths may cool the skin.

5.  A light moisturizing lotion can soothe the skin, but don’t be embarrassed. Do not use lotion if contact with the skin is painful.

6. It may be helpful to apply on a common calamine lotion, but do not use a lotion containing an antihistamine.

7. Do not apply alcohol, otherwise it will excessively cool the skin.

8. Do not use any medicated cream – hydrocortisone, benzocaine, unless your baby’s doctor tells you.

9. Let the child completely avoid the sun until the sunburn heals.

10.  Let yourself know about sun protection rules and make sure that wherever your child goes – day care, date of play, nursery – take care of the sun.