10 Tips To Use Dermaroller For Best Effect

Are you the first user of a derma roller? If so, there are some important tips that will guide you through the use of the dermis rollers in the right way. The following tips are very useful and you can get the biggest derma roller offer when you follow them. There are 10 tips  for you to use Dermaroller for best effect.

Tip 1: Find the perfect microneedle size

One of the most common mistakes new users make is that they don’t know the exact size of the needle. Shorter needles are used on thinner skin such as the face, neck and eyes, while longer needles are used on thicker skin such as the back, feet and abdomen to stimulate new collagen and elastin produce.

Tip 2: Find the ideal skin roller for your skin

There are many skin roll models on the market, but it’s hard to find the perfect microneedle roll for your skin. Look for FDA-approved dermal rollers to ensure you get high quality and safe equipment. If you plan to use it at home, you should ensure the quality of the equipment.

Tip 3: Other skin care products for use with dermaroller

In order to increase the healing effect of the dermis roller, you should use the best skin care products. It is worth noting that the dermis roller not only helps the skin to rejuvenate, but also increases the fast absorption capacity of the skin care ingredients.

These are serum, moisturizers and other topical agents. So you need to find the right skin care products to get the most out of it. It is worth noting that serum used with microneedles is important for skin recovery.

Tip 4: You need to disinfect the microneedle area.

If you plan to use a leather roller at home, you must clean and disinfect the rolling area. You need to sterilize the equipment you are using. To accomplish this, you can disinfect the area with isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Tip 5: Need to know the parts of the microneedle dermis roller

Use the device correctly only if you fully understand its parts. The Derma roller is a simple handheld device for invasive surgery in therapeutic techniques. The drum consists of a cylinder containing a number of needles. So you should handle it carefully, otherwise it may rush through your fingers.

Tip 6: Get your skin ready for skin rolling

To achieve maximum results, prepare your skin for microneedle rolling. Wash specific areas with premium soap and water. You can then use chemical peeling to clean and remove the area for better results. Cleaning and exfoliation can accelerate the absorption of the skin.

Tip 7: Add 1 or 2 layers of serum

Adding one or two layers of high quality serum will further improve the therapeutic effect of microneedle rolling therapy. There are many high quality hyaluronic acid serums, you can use youth serum, anti-aging serum, vitamin C essence and so on.

Tip 8: Understand – How to roll perfectly

Gently roll the microneedles three to four times horizontally, vertically, and diagonally within the area to be treated. If you use it on the face, cheeks, lips, neck and forehead, it can only be used 2 times. Never use high pressure that can cause pain and bleeding. Special care should be taken when using near the eyes and lips.

Tip 9: After the skin rolls, use another layer of serum

For best results, use another layer of serum immediately after completing the microneedle rolling for best results. If your skin is not sensitive to retinol, please use it at night.

Tip 10: Develop the habit of microneedle rolling

The most common question is how many times do you need to use? In fact, there is no difficult first rule to use it. You can use it once a week or monthly, depending on your needs. You need to use this roller carefully to get the most micro-needle roller effect.