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Best Time to Use Slimming Product

Best Time to Use

1.That getting up in the morning is the most vigorous moment of body and fast speed of the metabolic rate. Take a hot bath before going out to work and then apply with the slimming cream, improving the slimming effect.

2. After the bath, massage body to slim when the body is warm, making the blood circulation better, faster metabolism, more lasting weight loss

3. Exercising can speed up the body’s metabolism and make body fat ball smaller. So applying slimming cream before exercising can make the body quickly absorb slimming ingredients.


How to Choose Slimming Product

When choosing weight loss product, you should pay attention to those with Clinical validation of high efficacy and good quality. For example, if using for 1 month but no effect, you should stop using. We should choose those with a delicate texture, without irritation and allergic reactions after using.

QBEKA Massaging Slimming Cream

Effect: Effectively eliminating abdominal obesity Stretch marks, skin sagging, especially for fat people

How to use: At first clean the part which needs losing weight and then paste in order to have uniform application of each site, respectively, 30 minutes massage, each with about 60 mg once every two days, no need to wash after massaging.

Note: massage cream for external use, the local sense of a slight fever is normal performance, this is because due to fat burning by drugs, can disappear after a few hours, pregnant women are forbidden.