Slimming Beauty Product
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Introduction of Common Slimming Product

Common Slimming Beauty Product

1. Emulsion Type(suitable for dry skin)

It’s easy to absorb before going to bed. Small molecular particles emulsion is easy to be absorbed by the skin, while is moister than gel and cream.

2. Gel Type(suitable for neutral skin)

Gel type, between the emulsion and cream, is applied before going out, which will have a good effect. It is more lasting, but the stability is less than cream.

3. Cream Type(suitable for the skin is not easy to dry)

The cream is moisturizing, nourishing and slim. Generally, it’s used before bathing because it will be more greasy and sticky after applying. Some aerobic exercise or local massage will speed up the absorption rate and fat burning effect.


  1. Due to the heat after applying these products with irritation, it is best to test before buying. Having a try inside the arm, continue to use if no swelling and not feeling uncomfortable 10 minutes later.
  2. The different slimming product has different applicable parts. Please follow the product description to use. Don’t use their own for other parts.
  3. Use after bathing because the body temperature is higher, which creates fast blood circulation, helping the skin to absorb.
  4. Before smearing, first knead to relax the muscles with your fingers, making the absorption effect
  5. Use exfoliation cream regularly to avoid the old horny influence absorption effect.