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How Can We Maintain Eyelashes

How can we maintain eyelashes? The composition of eyelash hair is the same, we need regular maintenance and growth, otherwise, it will easily cause hair to fall off, or affect the effect of eyelash growth serum. Just like the hair gets dirty, so do the eyelashes. It is easy to accumulate dust, sweat, and mascara residue, which requires daily cleaning and care. Otherwise, problems such as mites and hair loss will occur. Knowing the knowledge of eyelash care can not only make our eyelash growth serum fully function but also relax your mind without worrying about heavy makeup every day, so as to cover up serious problems of no eyelashes, short eyelashes, and eyelashes hair loss.

The points to maintain eyelashes

  • The first point is to insist on applying eyelash growth serum 2-3 times a day. The use time is free, but please note to take the proper amount for each application.
  • The second point is that when cleansing the eyelash, do not use towels or other cleaning methods. Take a small amount of eyelash foam cleanser onto a cotton pad and clean the eyelashes slightly, then gently rinse off with clean water, and then dry the eyes with a towel to prevent excessive friction eyelashes fall off.
  • The third point, when using eyelash growth serum, cannot be used with eyelash makeup.
  • Fourth, it is forbidden to rub the eyes and pull the eyelashes.

♦Do not use  products related to eyelashes

  • Eyelash makeup products such as mascara, eyeliner, and eyeliner mostly contain irritating ingredients, and most of these eyelash products are volatile. When used together, some irritation will occur, which will also affect the growth of eyelashes. Therefore, eyelash serum cannot be used with this type of eyelash makeup. If you have to apply eye makeup, it is suggested to apply eye makeup after 15-20mins when applying eyelash serum.
  • Cannot be used with false eyelashes. Grafting false eyelashes and glue to the eyelashes will increase the burden on the eyelashes and cause the eyelashes to fall off.
  • Eye masks, eye creams, eye essences, eye serums, and other eye care products are not applied to the eyelashes. Therefore, they can be used together with eyelash growth serum.