How To Choose Premium Eyelash Growth Serum?

How To Choose Premium Eyelash Growth Serum?



When picking an eyelash growth liquid, the most important thing is to know if its ingredients are safe.

Some brands of eyelash growth serum on the market contain Bimatoprost, although this ingredient can make eyelashes grow quickly, long-term use will make the iris of the eyes discolor, and the area around the eyes will become dull, and it will also exacerbate your dark circles. Just as fast as your eyelashes grow!

It is recommended to choose plant-derived and non-irritation ingredients.

Polish + Eyelash Growth Enhancer II, applying Biology Enzyme Technology without harsh chemicals, makes your eyelash Longer, thicker, and stronger naturally.

Good products dare to be transparent about product ingredients!



Judge the quality of an eyelash growth liquid depending on whether it is effective.

By using Prolash + Eyelash Growth Enhancer II, your eyelash (eyebrow) will become healthier and thicker gradually in 7 days, and 10—15 days later even stronger, thicker, longer, and curler, plus the length is not affected by metabolism.



Don’t blindly choose low-priced products, be a rational consumer!

A good eyelash growth liquid has high technical and cost requirements, and the product is used in the eye area, which is a very fragile place, so it is too cheap to buy. Choosing high-quality and good-price products is responsible for your own body.



When buying eyelash growth serum, we must pay attention to the manufacturer. We cannot choose small workshops without business licenses. Those are generally fake, not only will they not be effective, but also affect eye health.

Guangzhou Boss Biological Technique Ltd. is a professional eyelash growth serum manufacturer with a business license. Our all products have complete and professional certificates.