Skin Care Tips
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Four Major Notes to Care for Your Skin

Skin Care Tips 1: Feel heavy firstly and then absorb

Many ladies feel light as description after using natural plant skin care product. In general, if the natural proportion is high, you will feel a little sticky and heavy, but after 30 seconds, the skin will quickly absorb, and skin is light and comfortable.

Skin Care Tips 2: Normal Product

Some cleansing and make-up products with pure natural ingredients, most of them produce water or distilled water, not having an obvious skin care effect. Only insisting to use can improve skin.

Skin Care Tips 3: Insisting

Pure natural skin care ingredients are more moderate. Its skin care effect is focused on the root, not “palliative” as chemical skin care products. Thus, long-term use will improve skin.

Skin Care Tips 4: Quick to use out

Natural skin care ingredients will be more perishable than the general skin care products, especially some high concentrations of essential oil products. It is best to use within 3 months after opening. If you do not run out within three months, you must put it in the refrigerator and run out as soon as possible.