Are The Increasing Wrinkles And Fine Lines Making You Frown?

The face is like your ID card, showing the first impression others have of us.


Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is widely known as be a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. It has great effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

The benefits includes:

>  Reducing Wrinkles & Fine Lines 

> Body Contouring – Reduce calf muscles 

> Jawline Slimming


This results in a smoother, less tired or angry face, helping you to smooth out the signs of age with ease.


If there is a market, there will be endless products, among which, Botox is the most famous botulinum toxin.


FDA certification

In 1989, the US FDA approved botulinum toxin type A Botox as the first clinical drug of microbial toxins. Up to now, Botox has become the world’s No. 1 botulinum toxin product in terms of market share and popularity.


In fact, Botox is divided into seven subtypes from A to G. Why is Botox, which belongs to type A, the most popular?


According to the different antigenicity of the toxins produced, there are only four toxins A, B, E and F that can cause human poisoning by botulinum toxin. Among them, type A is the most toxic and has the best anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect.


Botulinum toxin type A can be simply viewed as consisting of heavy and light chains. The heavy chain is responsible for binding to cell receptors and transporting the light chain into the cell. Under the action of the light chain hydrolytic protease, the signaling molecule Snap-25, which transmits nerve impulses, is decomposed and cannot transmit signals normally, thereby blocking neuromuscular transmission.

Long-term repeated facial expressions are an important cause of dynamic wrinkles. Botulinum toxin type A mainly achieves the effect of treating wrinkles by blocking neuromuscular conduction and inhibiting muscle contraction.


 What is Botox?

Wrinkles & fine lines are a natural occurrence during the aging process. The lack of collagen coupled with the constant muscle movements (smiling & frowning), the lines will deepen and become more prominent over time.

Also, known as dynamic wrinkles, these are true wrinkles that are difficult to remove with anti-wrinkle creams. And when you smile / frown, it deepens the lines again.


Botox is one of the most popular solutions in the field of medical beauty. When injected, the Botulinum toxins will block the signals transmitting between muscles & nerves.

The effect will weaken the muscles so it no longer contracts. As a result, skin will tighten over the region reducing the wrinkles & fine lines.


Recommended Skin Type for Botox


Botox is perfect if you are suffering from DEHYDRATED SKIN, FINE LINES, AGING SKIN, ACNE SCARS & WRINKLED SKIN