Oligopeptide Regenerate Lyophilized Powder


Oligopeptide Lyophilized Powder

Moisturizing & Anti-aging & Remove Scars


Active Ingredients: Oligopeptide-1



Contains a variety of skin treatment ingredients, repairs the skin, replenishes moisture to the skin, solves skin problems such as large pores, rough skin, and makes the skin moisturized, shiny, smooth, and tender.



  1. Take a bottle of lyophilized powder and solvent respectively;
  2. Pour the solvent into the lyophilized powder bottle and shake it to fully dissolve it;
  3. After cleansing the skin, take some of the mixtures with a dropper and apply them to the face evenly to be fully absorbed.


  • Anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging

Because cytokines such as oligopeptide-1 can promote the metabolism of various skin cells, enhance and strengthen the absorption of nutrients, it can reduce the average age of skin tissue; in addition, it can promote the synthesis of hydroxyproline, collagen, and collagenase, secrete collagen, hyaluronic acid, and glycoprotein, regulate collagen fibers, moisturize the skin, enhance skin elasticity, reduce skin wrinkles and prevent skin aging.


  • Whitening and Freckle-removing

Since oligopeptide-1 and other cytokines can promote new cells to replace and renew senescent cells, it can reduce the content of melanin and colored cells in skin cells, reduce skin pigmentation, which means that it can improve the skin pigment status through skin cells, so it can achieve the purpose of whitening and freckle removal.


  • Sun Protection and After-sun Repairing

Biological cytokines can quickly repair damaged cells, reduce the damage of direct ultraviolet rays to the skin, and can reduce the abnormal increase of skin basal melanocytes, block melanin synthesis, reduce the growth of dark spots on the skin after sun exposure, and eliminate genetic mutations in damaged cells to prevent light-aging, so it has the repair effect of preventing ultraviolet damage and after-sun damage.


  • Prevent Acne and Remove Scars

Because oligopeptide-1 can stimulate the formation of granulation tissue and promote the epithelialization of granulation tissue, it can also regulate collagen degradation and renewal, so that collagen fibers are arranged in a linear manner to prevent abnormal connective tissue proliferation, thereby shortening wound healing time and reducing scars formation. It has a good effect on preventing the formation of acne.


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