Hair Growth Serum


Hair Growth Serum

Targeted positioning repairs cells, prevents thinning hair, anti hair loss, and enhances hair growth.



15 kinds of rare natural plant extracts for scalp nourishment, including Polygonum multi-forum, Arborvitae, gentian, caffeine, various amino acids, and various scalp revitalizing ingredients, care for hair follicles, strengthen hair roots, improve scalp environment, and allow hair to absorb sufficient nutrients.


  1. Plant Extracted Formula. Activates hair follicles and nourishes hair and brings you healthier hair.
  2. Creates favorable conditions for hair growth, activates hair follicles and makes original hair stronger.
  3. Great for balding and thinning hair
  4. Helps restore volume and shine to original hairs and promotes the healthy growth of new hair.

Symptom of Hair Loss

  • Abnormal or excessive hair loss.
  • More than 100 hair loss per day for more than three months.
  • Greasy hair and itchy scalp.

Cause of Hair Loss

Hair loss affects a great part of the population. It usually reflects aberrations of hair-follicle cycling. It can be caused by a number of factors, like e.g. drugs, anemia, the effect of androgens, or even the season of the year, and is considered to be a reversible phenomenon.

Hair loss occurs when an increased number of hair follicles present a short anagen phase, prematurely enter the telogen stage, and then sheds.

Histological basis of hair growth

The hair follicle is the basic unit of hair, and hair grows and differentiates from the cells in the hair follicle. A group of hair follicle stem cells lives in each hair follicle, providing new cells to the growing hair follicle. Hair follicle stem cells can also differentiate into sebaceous glands, which produce the oil needed by the skin. However, the hair follicle stem cells responsible for hair growth are usually in a dormant state, but will rapidly activate and divide in a new cycle of hair growth.

To fundamentally treat hair loss, it is necessary to solve the growth and differentiation of hair follicle stem cells.


The mechanism of targeted targeting technology

By introducing nutrients to the hair follicle stem cells in the hair loss area of the scalp, it targets the hair loss area, activates the hair follicles, and promotes hair growth.

The targeted introduction of nutrients can promote the hair follicles to secrete a variety of cell growth factors. These cell growth factors can not only promote the proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle stem cells but also repair the hair follicle microenvironment in the hair loss area, so that the hair follicle tissue can restore the function of growth and achieve the effect of hair growth.



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