Fullerene Lyophilized Powder


Fullerene Lyophilized Powder

Whitening & Freckle Removal & Anti-Wrinkle



Fullerene, Pullulan, 3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid,

Effect: It contains fullerene, the texture is silky and refreshing. It is repairing and hydrating, makes the skin bright and soft.


  1. Take a bottle of lyophilized powder and solvent respectively;
  2. Pour the solvent into the lyophilized powder bottle and shake it to fully dissolve it;
  3. After cleansing the skin, take some of the mixtures with a dropper and apply it to the face evenly to be fully absorbed.


Fullerene can restore skin elasticity and further achieve the effect of reducing pores. It is mild. Whether the pores caused by oily, dry, or aging, it can effectively deal with and brighten skin tone.

Fullerene can eliminate the active oxygen generated by various conditions, especially under ultraviolet radiation, it can still exert super strong antioxidant power stably. Fullerene’s biggest feature is that it can absorb free radicals and let the skin return to the health status. The antioxidant effect is 172 times that of Vitamin C and last for 24 hours!

Fullerene can effectively inhibit the source of darkening at the beginning of aging, thus having a powerful effect of whitening, repairing, and freckle removal!

With the wide application of fullerene, there are many skincare products containing fullerene on the market now, and the effect is very different. In fact, the effect of fullerene depends on the purity and the source of raw materials.

Fullerene is very precious and only make it to 1%-3%, the skincare product can effectively anti-aging and brightening.


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