Six Things You Need To Know About Skin Care

Some people say that, according to the area, the money on the face is higher than the housing price!

But the problem is that many people spend their money without seeing much effect on their faces…Here are the most basic skincare knowledge, quickly take out a notebook to write down~


A Mask Should Not Be Used Every Day

Facial masks are not money, not more is better!

Once a week is recommended. Two to three times a week is sufficient. Using too much can lead to “skin over-hydration,” which leads to damage to the cuticle, thinning of the skin, and impaired barrier function.


Use Skin Care Products Regardless Of Age

Except for baby products, there is no age-appropriate purchase for adult skin care products. Otherwise, buying skin care products should add a step – first check your ID card, right?

In fact, the key to choosing skin care products is to see skin quality and composition.

No matter whether 20 years old or still 50 years old, the skin’s basic structure is the same, but according to your demand, do not need to divide too fine.

Scary Without Preservative

Qualified skin care products all need to add preservatives within the safe dose range to ensure safety, which is good for everyone. As for the preservative-free ones, you should be more careful, because you don’t know what weird things they add! Or…Some skin care products do not carry on this process. Do you dare to use it?? The answer is no.


No Need To Change Brands Too Often

Normal skin care products will not produce dependence. The use of skin care products should be reassuring, and effective. That is enough.


Pregnant Women Can Take Normal Skin Care

Great mother and beautiful lady, you can have it both ways~

Use regular sunscreen, moisturizing and cleansing products during pregnancy.

Pregnancy also needs to be beautiful. A good mood affects both the baby and the mother.

Boys Can Also Use Skin Care

This is the age of freedom. The love of beauty is universal!

Boys can also go through normal washing and moisturizing sessions.


Scientific skin care can save a lot of money. So why don’t you forward it to your friends to save their money?