Six Tips About Sunscreen You Need to Know

1. How to choose sunscreen products?

Firstly, Sunscreen injury to see SPF, sunscreen black to see PA.

Then, SPF responds to UVB in ultraviolet light to prevent sunburn and sunburn in a short period of time.

PA responds to UVA in ultraviolet light, reducing skin blackening and aging.

Formula: 1 SPF index = can protect against 20 minutes of daylight

2. Can last year’s sunscreen be used this year?

Not recommended for use. No matter what type of sunscreen is used as soon as possible after opening, the product will affect the stability after contact with the air, and the product can not be guaranteed.

3. How to apply sunscreen without licking mud?

In a specific direction, just spread it with your fingers. You don’t need a circular massage. Then, back and forth will only destroy the sunscreen that has already formed. It is recommended to leave the makeup after standing for 5 minutes after sunscreen application.

4. How long does the sunscreen apply?

Long-term outdoor activities take two hours to refill, and commuting can be relatively extended. Moreover, if you don’t have makeup on the day, just wipe off the sunscreen and shine on your face with a clean paper towel and apply it directly. If the skin is dry, use a lotion to make a primer.

5. How to apply makeup to apply sunscreen?

It is necessary to use a blotting paper or a paper towel to treat the facial shine, and then use a cotton swab to remove makeup from the makeup liquid. In addition to using a sunscreen with a sunscreen index, you can also apply sunscreen powder. Wiping will destroy the makeup.

6. How to unload sunscreen after applying it?

The chemical sunscreen ingredients can be directly taken away by the surfactant in the facial cleanser. The physical sunscreen ingredients are not cleaned, so makeup must be removed. However, many products are now a combination of physical and chemical sunscreen products, so you need to remove makeup.