Need to Wash Your Face After You Have Done the Mask?

I believe that many girls who love beauty pay great attention to their skin in their daily life. So in normal life, the mask is an essential skin care product. After the mask is applied, there will be a lot of nutrient solution on the face. Shouldn’t these nutrient essences be washed away?

We should decide based on skin characteristics. According to skin characteristics, we usually divide into three types.

First: dry skin

The most important thing about dry skin is hydration. And the essence in the mask has a very good moisturizing effect. So dry skin is generally not washed. The specific method of applying the mask is: after taking the film, let the essence stay on the face for a while, let the skin breathe for a while. Then remove the excess essence from the face with a cotton pad. Generally, the face is still very tender at this time, it will not be pulled out or greasy, just go to sleep. Don’t worry about the essence of blocking the pores.

Second: neutral skin

Neutral skin water and oil balance have reached a relatively balanced state, so the use of neutral skin is: let the essence stay on the face for a while, will also make the mask absorb better. It is best to massage for a few minutes before washing your face and other skin care.

Third: oily skin

For our oily skin, there is a lot of oil secretion, and too much essence will make your skin more greasy and cause acne on the skin. The best way to use the mask on oily skin is to gently clean the essence with a cotton pad after removing the mask, so that only a layer of faint essence is left on the face, followed by a five-minute massage and then clean it with water.