Can Lotion and cream be used together? What is the difference?

Skincare work is actually an old topic. Many young ladies use lotions and creams, but some little fairies will have doubts. Can they used together? You will know when you finish reading.

Can Lotion and cream be used together?

Lotions and creams can be used together. Lotions and creams are essentially the same, both for “locking water”, but the ratio of water to oil is different. The lotion has more moisture and better absorption; the cream has more oil and moisturizing. Generally, only one kind can achieve the moisturizing effect. If you are in the dry autumn and winter season or dry skin, you can apply the lotion and apply the cream.

The difference between lotion and cream

  1. From the outside, the Lotion is liquid, and the cream is creamy.
  2. The Lotion is more suitable for summer or oily skin, the cream is thicker, suitable for the dry season and dry skin.
  3. The lotion will generally absorb a little faster than the cream, but no moisturizing cream.
  4. Many brands have introduced a repair cream used after the lotion, you can apply the lotion directly during the day after the lotion can be applied to a layer of repair cream at night to enhance the protection.
  5. The lotion can penetrate into the skin quickly. The surface of the skin is the stratum corneum cells. They  are surrounded by some intercellular lipids around the stratum corneum cells. These intercellular lipids determine the moistness of our skin. The water-oil ratio of the lotion is the closest to these intercellular lipids, so the confirmation after the application is also very good.
  6. The main components of the cream are mostly cell-activated components, so most moisturizing ingredients of the cream are less than the lotion. The amount of lotion used will be more than the amount of cream. So the moisturizing ability of the lotion is strong enough.