What Are The Specific Advantages of Cosmetic Capsules?

▼Advantages of skincare beauty capsules/cosmetic capsules


Higher safety and better anti-corrosion effect

To make skincare ingredients into capsules, an important consideration is to separate the product from the air environment where bacteria live. Not only can it help protect the precious ingredients in skincare products from mutating, but it also hopes to achieve The role of antiseptic.

The reason for the high safety of capsule products is that it avoids the problems of secondary pollution that may occur during consumer use of traditional bottles and boxed products in travel, and the deterioration of the contents, and there is no general preservative on the skin. Skin irritation, toxicity, and other hazards.

When using capsule skincare products, the original intention of the product designer is to hope that the user can use it all at once after opening it to prevent unnecessary pollution and waste.


Increase the use rate of special product ingredients

Encapsulating the functional ingredients of skin care products in capsules can first maintain the efficacy of the ingredients, so that they can be maintained in an effective concentration range for a long time, and stabilize the skin care ingredients.

Secondly, capsule products can also help reduce the irritation of special additives to the skin. For example, ingredients such as vitamin A and fruit acid that have good skin regeneration and anti-aging effects are difficult to maintain and are not easy to be exposed to the air. Direct contact with the skin may even cause irritation.

With the capsule shell, it can provide longer-lasting protection to the skin and help the ingredients evenly act on the skin tissue.


Here show the general usage of the cosmetic capsules/ skincare capsules: