What Really Works for Eyelash Growth?

Why Can Eyelashes Grow Longer

Hair, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows are all part of the human hair system. Human hair can grow up to several meters long, and so can eyelashes. In fact, our eyelashes are always growing, but they grow slowly because the anagen is too short and the telogen is too long. The longest hair anagen is 2-6 years, and the telogen is only 3 months. In contrast, the initial growth of eyelashes is only 1 month, and the telogen is 3-9 months. More than 90% of human eyelashes are in the dormant period. How long are human eyelashes? We found from research that the length of eyelashes is 6 ~ 12mm, the length of the upper eyelid is 100 ~ 150mm, and the length of the lower eyelid is 50 ~ 75mm. The key to making eyelashes grow quickly is to break the resting period of eyelashes. This famous theory was called “eyelash growth theory” by Dr. Addition, a well-known American hair system researcher.


Let Your Sleepy Hair Follicle Growth Factor Move

The biological enzyme “EPM” and hair follicle growth factor in eyelash growth serum can generate hair cells to form tissues, activate dormant secondary hair follicle tissues, and restore the hair follicle cells in the resting period.The level of division and proliferation during eyelash development promotes rapid eyelash growth.That’s what works for eyelash growth serum.


Make Your Eyelashes a Comfortable Environment To Grow

Using organic, no additives, no hormone, pure natural, pure plant formula, is easy to absorb and use and change your eyelashes to a natural environment.Usually within 30 days it will make your eyelashes/brows thicker, longer, and warped, and the length is not affected by your metabolism.





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