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A Helping Hand For Your Skin Care Brand(Hair growth serum)

Welcome To Boss Bio-Tech Ltd.

Boss Bio-Tech Ltd. is an OEM ODM cosmetic, skin and personal care products manufacturing company dedicated to creating high-end quality beauty products.

We are an ISO 22716 certified (Cosmetic GMPC) manufacturer of skin and personal care products, and we also have basic CE, COA, FDA certificates.

With a factory with 20 years of experience and a professional R&D team, we specialize in the formulation of high-end, premium market cosmetics, skin and personal care products, private labels, custom formulations, and more.


Hair Growth Serum


No matter what product we choose, safety is the first thing we should consider, and hair products are no exception. The abuse of chemical additives and other ingredients is very harmful to the human body, so we should be careful when choosing hair growth serum and recognize the ingredients.  

Our Concept:

Using targeted positioning technology to nourish hair, QBEKA activates hair follicles and enhances hair growth, making effect for about 15 days.

It follows the natural growth law of hair, with advanced science and technology for hair growth escort.



15 kinds of rare natural plant extracts for scalp nourishment, including Polygonum multiflorum, Arborvitae, gentian, caffeine, various amino acids, and various scalp revitalizing ingredients

Hair Growth Serum Components Correspond To Functions

Arborvitae, Polygonum multiflorum, ginger root, ginseng root:

preventing hair from taking off


It will be more refreshing, the scalp will be a bit cool

Caffeine, nicotinamide:

stimulating hair growth


Fully nourishing the hair fiber and regenerating the hair scales.



  1. Increasing Hair Volume: Contains Polygonum multiflorum, Arborvitae, gentian, and caffeine to nourish and strengthen hair roots for a healthier scalp and thicker hair
  2. Reducing Hair Loss: Infused with Arborvitae, Polygonum multiflorum, ginger root, and ginseng root Extract to protect against hair fall and improve thinning hair.
  3. Strengthens Hair: With Caffeine prolongs hair life cycle. Amino Acids repair damaged hair, protect it against breakage, and give rise to soft new hair.


Recommended using continuously for at least 3 months for noticeable results. Long-term usage will give better results in maintaining full healthy hair.

Although many friends are very anxious, we should pay attention to not credulous exaggerated advertising, “three days stop off, seven days unripe hair” products are certainly not reliable; To assure the quality of the product and perfect after-sale, we should purchase the product by official channel.


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  • Many people dream of owning their own skin care brand.
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Let us create a private label for your company that will not be copied by others!






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